Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend Update: Simple

This weekend has been pretty low key you know the type, staying in your pajamas Saturday until noon, cleaning, laundry, catching up on Extreme Makeover reruns. Friday night we finally decided to venture out and grab some dinner, last weekend we went to Chili's and I loved the margarita chicken, which is so good {and so healthy}So we decided to give it a try again. It was so bad, our food was terrible, we hated to complain but anyways they ended up comping our meal, and giving us a gift card to come back. We left hungry and so we grabbed some food and headed home to watch a movie. So much for dinner out. I recommend not going to the Chili's in American Fork, The Sandy one is much better!

Saturday Jamie had a job scheduled so I picked up my little brother and he hung out with Ryan and I for the day. He is a great help with Ryan and I love that he tolerates chick flicks!

Later we decided to try another restaurant, this time Jamie's choice: Outback. Better experience, and a fun night out! The wait was one hour, so as the boys headed over to Best Buy to look at video games, I decided to walk through pier 1 imports. Usually I don't like too many things there, but they had some great accessories. I walked through the store three times and had picked my top ten favorites by the end. I tried to find them online to show, but only a few things are on their web site.

I found a great book shelf, and some outdoor lanterns in Martha Stewart Blue. Here are a couple other things I liked:

Wicker Summer Outdoor Furniture, and these great pillows!

I love this beachy storage bin peice!

I forgot today was daylight savings, and I have felt a bit out of it, and off schedule. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I plan on hitting the gym early!


Chantal said...

You sound like Emily Style with your Weekend Roundup! Sounds like you had a good relaxing weekend. Simple weekends are always the best.

By the way, thanks for your suggestions of making Chicken Crepes for my RS activity. It's this Thursday and I hope it all goes well! I've done a lot of planning and preparation! I'll post pictures and stuff of the out come.

suprbacana said...

Yeah...we ate at the Chili's in AF and BLEH. They messed everything up, and we asked them to fix it and they never did...Then the server seemed to avoid us. So we gave up and left, and instead of a tip Jeff wrote a nasty-gram on the receipt. I love Mimi's Cafe, although the only thing I have ever ordered is their french onion soup -- soooooo good!


Emily said...

I know: I thought that later maybe I need to change my Header!