Monday, March 31, 2008

More fun finds

I love finding things that I can make myself. These would be some fun home projects, or for a church craft activity.
{fabric covered bulletin board found at this cute etsy shop}

Last Monday I took a neighbor who is having twins to a fabulous fabric store called Eileen's. It had the most incredible hip and fashionable selections. We found some great baby bedding fabric. It made me want to sew something, anything. I will definitely be going back. Especially if I make one of these boards. It is located past Market Street in Sandy Ut in a red brick building. {thanks for the tip Aimee}

The cupcake bakeshop blog: So fun and has really awesome baking blog links! You must check it out!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update

  • Saturdays Auction was great Jamie won 3 bids 1st Zoom teeth whitening(we had an apt already scheduled for next week but he saved us almost $200.00 {now where to spend it there are so many options...}2nd He also bid on 10 chiropractic visits that he desperately needs. So after his teeth are pearly white and his back is no longer sore, I will have a new husband! Yeah!

  • The cupcakes were really yummy, there were no leftovers!
  • I love a good nap, on Saturday I took a long and much needed nap! I feel so rejuvenated!

  • Homemade Buttermilk Waffles, Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Bacon make for a nice Sunday morning brunch!

  • Ryan loves to dance and had some creative moves, we listened to the top 40 all day Saturday, I haven't done that in a long time!

  • The Bee movie is really cute, Ryan has a Bee themed bedroom. It was fun watching it with him on Saturday night! {And we thought it was pretty funny}

  • We had planned on going to the car dealership to trade in our two vehicles for a New Honda Pilot. I just couldn't bring myself to spend hours and hours at the car dealership with an almost two year old. So maybe next weekend! I love the new Pilot, Black with tinted windows, DVD and Navigation! I hope it works out!
  • Jamie tells me he has made plans for my birthday. I am so bad with surprises, it must be the lack of control of the situation. I have always liked to know what the plans are. All I know, be ready by 5:30 and wear something nice...hmmmm

Saturday, March 29, 2008

A great find

As I was surfing the net {because I couldn't fall asleep} I found a website I fell in love with. I don't scrap book, but I love pretty invitations, cards, and embellishments, I really like letter press, and someday I might want to learn how to do it. So the website is Paper Source and I found some fun paper punches. I would use them for cards or a fun gift tag. What I really like is how simple and graceful the designs are. Not kitchy or cheesy. These gift boxes are pretty with polka dots and stripes. This shower Invitation seems so perfect for a spring shower!

{only $11.50 for 10 Invites,Inludes Envelope}

Before and After

Here are a couple of before and after living room pictures! It's amazing what a little paint can do to brighten up a space. Notice that the mirror in the first picture really opens up a small space.
{just to clarify, these are not of my house, just random before and afters!}

{Pictures from Domino}

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Friday

TGIF remember saying that during the 90's? I remember getting so excited to watch "Full House" every Friday night, and planning sleepovers complete with toilet papering someones house and eating jawbreakers and now and laters. {great memories} Tonight we have an auction to go to for our church. I will be busy today boiling 8lbs of pasta and making these cupcakes! Billy's famous Vanilla Vanilla! I love the smell of good vanilla, don't you?

I have been up since 5:30 am and two days straight have been going to the gym early early. I thought it would be harder then it has been to get up in the dark and work out. I really love these early morning work outs, my mind is clear and when I get home I have so much energy and everyone else is still asleep. This morning I had so much fun looking at Badgley Mischka's Spring line of wedding gowns online {Gorgeous}. I made some old fashioned oatmeal and enjoyed my new found quiet time! {I forgot to mention that I pick up a few friends in my neighborhood to join me! If you think you might have a hard time waking up, just offer to pick people up, knowing they are counting on you makes for good motivation!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Turning Thirty......

My Friend Aimee turned 30 today! I can't believe we are entering another decade this year! It seems like I was 25 only yesterday. I am totally OK with this birthday, turning 25 was actually harder for me. Plus 30's are the new 20's right? So one week from today I turn 30. Aimee and I went to celebrate her big day today at the California Pizza Kitchen. She is not very excited about getting older, so we didn't discuss it much, but it got me thinking. I am excited to be thirty because I learned so much in my 20's and this decade I am going to use all I have learned and enjoy it. I also think you have somewhat figured out who you are and what you like, and where you are going. So while going in the right direction, I say Welcome to all of you who are turning 30 this year, and many of you are! And to those of you already enjoying your 30's fill us in... how is it?

FYI:{Aimee and I met at EFY(church camp) when we were 14 years old. We were inseparable then and still are today. We have had so much fun throughout the years, dances, sleepovers, shopping,and decorating, I remember ditching school, and listening to weird music together. Crying over boys and laughing till we hurt! Happy 30th Birthday Aimee! I am so glad we made it }

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love Glass

On Covetier I saw these Crate and Barrel Vintage Inspired Refrigerator Glasses. So much better than Tupperware! I love an organised fridge and hate to throw away plastic bags and containers all the time. The best part is they stack and are see-through so you know what is in them. I love these!

{picture grouping by covetier}

Easter Day

Easter Morning Jamie brought Ryan downstairs on his shoulders, Ry was excited to get a ride, and went straight for his basket. He squealed with delight with each discovery, it was really fun! He loved his rolling back pack from his Grandpa Watson(thankyou) he pushed it all over the house! Our dinner at grandmas was so delish, Ryan ate dinner with Grandma on top of her waterfall. He loves the water{makes me a tad nervous}. I love holidays, and spending time with family and friends is the best part!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Season Premire


Make sure to watch it Monday nights on MTV!

Just Fruity

Last Summer I hosted a jewelry party. I ordered an edible arrangement. It was beautiful and the fruit was really fresh. I have wanted to post this for a while, and I recommend doing this for your next party! It makes for some great spring colors!


I have not had the chance to post the pictures from out trip to the aqarium. Ryan especially loved the Sting Ray Pool. I loved the Jelly fish, I think they are so pretty!

Fresh Decorating Ideas

Now that the weather is turning, I am getting excited to work on a few projects we have put on hold. Our Vintage Kitchen Table that we found a few months ago is sanded and awaiting paint. I have not decided what color quite yet. I am looking for inspiration. We are also refinishing a coffee table and I have three frames to paint or decoupage. I love spring projects!

Here are a few fun ideas to brighten up you space:
Paint- paint can be so much fun from painting chalkboard paint of different shades pictures below to painting a case good piece that you love.

I love this calendar below{I wouldn't like the chalk dust, but I love the idea}

Or what about painting a screen like this with some pretty pastels. You just need five sheets of wood the same size, sanded, paint and install your hardware!
I love it when you open your hand bad or a great jacket and the lining is made of really chick fabric. How about applying that concept to your home, by wallpapering closets and small rooms. What a fun peek a boo surprise!

Here carpet squares were used to make a great pin board. I love the colors and your local carpet store may have some of these just laying around. It would be inexpensive to order too!

{All pictures are from Martha Stewart Living}
Some other ideas: Painting your floor, painting lamps or lamp shades.

Week Update

  • I loved my blue chocolate eggs, my hands were blue for two days :)
  • We watched August Rush this week at Dinner Group. Thanks to all who attended! I think fun was had by all.{A romantic movie, not realistic but very magical!

If you have not watched this movie yet, I give it 4 stars! I loved the music and want to buy the soundtrack. It was so Inspiring!

  • Ryan saw his Easter Basket and grabbed his smarties and ran, I think he thought we might take them away. He loved his breakfast of pure sugar!
  • Jamie has been converted to Turkey burgers! Good for me!
  • I love family dinners, we had an Easter egg hunt, had some yummy food, we enjoyed my dads new massage chair( I might make more visits to my parents home, 15 minutes in that chair is fifteen minutes of heaven!)
  • I had to try my Carrot Cake that I made for Easter, the orange zest in the frosting was just the right kick!

A low key week ahead! At least so far, it will be nice after a packed weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

I was surprised how quickly Ry caught on to the egg hunt, he just went for it, and it seemed like he had done it many times! He was so happy, I am going to do it again on Sunday!

Ryan's Golf Lesson

I thought it was so cute watching Jamie teach Ryan how to Golf. Ryan has his own Driver and Putter and has been practicing all winter inside the house. It was a little warmer a few days ago so Jamie took him outside to see how he would do. He loved it! I love how Ryan watched Jamie's every move and was swinging like a pro.....{well at least better then any one year old I know}.

Like Father like Son.....

Chocolate Egg Project

Today was the Chocolate egg day! We missed those of you who couldn't make it! It was really fun. My Friend Amelia and I worked from 11 to 3 {with breaks of course}
Here are the Robin Egg Blue eggs sterilized and ready to fill. We didn't have the drill bit that made the smooth hole in the top of the eggs so our eggs are a bit more rustic!
Amelia filling the brown eggs with dark chocolate

Our Finished Product! Don't they look great? We have Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Milk chocolate filled eggs with dark chocolate ganache inside...

As you can see the shell peels off beautifully, we were so glad! Again here is the link with Instructions Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kate Spade China

So bold yet simple! I love this Kate Spade China! Especially the Gwinnett Lane {the floral},June Lane, Gwinnett Lane Turquoise, and Rutherford Circle available at Macy's. I heart Kate Spade!

{Image from Decor 8}

Lemon Decadence

So if you haven't already caught on, Yellow is so in right now! I know why I always love to post pictures of Beautifully crafted desserts! They are so pretty. You can make a meal look appetizing or savory, but nothing beats the presentation of desserts! These Yellow Lemon series from none other then MS are so beautiful and seem so fresh and (lemony) is that a word?

All the recipes and more are found here!

{photos courtesy of MSL}