Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pink Peonies and a Sisterhood Retreat

We had a retreat for the women in my Church, It was amazing, and beautiful! As the guests arrived they were told to turn at the flower on the mailbox. We were all able to escape away to a beautiful home in Springville. {thanks liz!}

We decided to go with shades of pink representing sisterhood, We filled large mason jars with peonies in light pink and hot pink, we were lucky to get a tent at the last minute{thank goodness} because it really made the whole thing come together! White table cloths, and pink tissue paper flowers hanging, and we had the perfect girly party!

Our water bottles even had a special touch.

It was group effort, as you see these beautiful ladies prepping in the kitchen.

The menu was simple and delicious, Turkey and Havarti on Baguette with Kettle chips and Grapes. I love that the sandwiches are all wrapped up!

We also served individual Double Chocolate Bundts and Lemon Bundts with a Lemon Glaze!

The flowers kept getting prettier throughout the day.

Ariana taught a short Gardening Class and we all planted Basil and Tomatoes.

We also participated in a service project, we made Crib Tags for our Local Hospital NICU.

We were so fortunate to have two guest speakers, Cami Kapp above with her sister, and Mandi Sittler below. Both speakers were very uplifting and encouraging!

We were surrounded by horses and Butterfly's! It was gorgeous!

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped to pull this off. It really was a lovely retreat!

{click here to view last years retreat or here and here for other fun events}

The candid shots

I tried to get each person who attended in a picture!
Enjoy! Love, Emily

Aren't all of these women beautiful?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Thanks for the laughs, jokes, hugs, talks, prayers, boating excursions,and stories! You are a wonderful Father and a great Man. I love you! Happy Fathers Day!
{PS you have always been one of my hero's}

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer 1995 Flashback

I love my sisters, I wish I had a picture with all five of us!
Cassi, Britt and Moi

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Try

My son is so brave, he tried to surf the waves.... He was a bit scared but with some help from dad he stood up! Way to go Ryan!

{does anyone have any recommendations for children's ski equipment? What age you can start water skiing or wake boarding?}

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Red White and Blue

is one of my favorite color combinations, it reminds me of summer! I love the styling in the photos below.

Just a few vinyl stars on a bucket, cute idea!

Paper windmills

And so simple but sweet!
{Pictures from Martha Stewart}

Turning 3 For Posterity of Course!

Ryan likes: Grapes, Airplanes, Choo Choos, The Little Einsteins, The Color Red, The number 8, The letter S, Stickers, Pop Pops{Popsicles}, Giraffes, Babies, Putting his own shoes on mostly on the wrong feet, JUICE, Showers not Baths, Grammy and her Pool, Bubbles, His Scooter, and Band aids.

Ryan Dislikes: Plain Milk {Chocolate Milk only}, Boo Boos, Getting his Teeth Brushed and hair washed, Bears I don't know why but he is afraid of them, Sharing :), Watermelon.

Ryan Says:
Tbee- TV
Maamaa- Grandma
Boot- Boat
Wadee- Water
Haw Hee- Stars {strange I know}
NOW- Shouting after a request....{ we need to kick that one}
Teese- Cheese
MaLoon- Balloon
Teet- eat
ewe hose me- You Hold Me

A Look Back at The past Three Years