Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Find

Spider Rubber Door Mat
{you can buy this at williams sonoma for $35.00 }


I love how sweet Ryan is while sleeping. I had a busy morning and was feeling like I had been impatient with his ability to make messes where ever he goes . After what felt like the 10th huge mess I had to clean up, I put him down and before I did he gave me a huge wet kiss, he smiled at me with his big crooked smile. I sat in his chair as he quickly fell asleep. I looked over the rails of the crib he soon will not be sleeping in. I hope he will always be mine.....

His crossed feet

I am smitten with him!

A Pottery Barn Halloween

Oh how I love this years Pottery Barn Halloween Decorations. I especially love the wall mural and skeletons! Don't you? Now I just need a really really good job!

Isn't this such a great idea to make your room spooky?

Feather wreath and an orange door too!


I am going to try and recreate these skulls.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Craft Mode

I must need stimulation because I have been looking for decorations to make for fall. I am going to have these available to create at our Enrichment activity and I am so excited to try them out this afternoon! This is what I will be making:
Real pumpkins painted in Glue then sprinkled with dusting glitter. Then after they dry you paint the stem brown. They should last for three months! Simple and Fun! You should do it too!
{thanks again Martha Stewart I Heart You}

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's make these

Tina- Lets make these, of course ours will be much cuter, but I LOVE these simple Bride Banners!

How Sweet it is

How could you not love this Amy Atlas Sweets Bar? Another job, I would love!
{I found this on Oh Happy Day } Don't you just love it?
To see her creative Halloween Displays Click HERE to see her portfolio.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Grandma and Ryan

{I love this picture of my mom and Ryan, she always takes time to show him the beautiful things around us like the mountains and the moon. He loves his one on one time with her}

Best Summer Ever

We really have had a fun summer. We have taken the boat out almost every Saturday and sometimes a few days during the week. I have loved each minute of it, and all the family time that comes with it! Ryan has taken his naps under the drivers seat and swam and tubed and loved it! We took the boat out this Saturday despite the cold temperatures! Brrrr! But we had to have our last Hurrah before it gets stored for the winter. So, thanks Mom and Dad for making this one of the best Summers ever! We love you!

Ready get Set Launch!(Ryan and I)

Jeremy my brother (Cassi wake boarding in the background)
Mom and Ryan in the front

Captain Dad ( who has improved greatly on his driving skills)
Funny faced Ryan
Cassi and Mark
We drive across the lake and picnic in Saratoga Springs.. It is our favorite picnic place!

Sara and Patrick ( the engaged couple)

Fabulous Friday

I am on the Enrichment committee and we have been working on planning our "Super Saturday" Crafts. These are a couple of the ones I came up with. The Pumpkin is now all Glittery and has leaves and ribbon but this gives you the idea. It should be so much fun!

These little glittery pumpkins would be so cute lined up all in a row on a mantle don't you think?


I will admit it, I LOVE FAIRS! I love the greasy and sweet smells, like funnel cakes, popcorn and cotton candy. Crowds of people, booths full of things I cant help but wonder "who buys that?" Rides, and Lights and lets not forget the famed Ferris Wheel my very favorite part.. We went on Friday night. I had been talking about it for weeks,I had it on the calendar for months. I was so happy Jamie decided to take me, it took a bit of coaxing but I think he had fun!

Ryan loved the Blow up toys and jumped to his hearts content!

Unfortunately this was his face once the jumping was done, and so we decided IT WAS TIME TO GO!

We will definitely be back next year!

Finger Painting and a bit more....

I have been thinking lately about making every day magical for Ryan(not anything spectacular but fun and new for him). I have been reading a few blogs about mothers that have lost their babies and children that have lost their mothers. Every time I finish reading these inspirational blogs I pick Ryan up in my arms and squeeze him tight, I whisper how much I love him, and sometimes he gives me a kiss back.....MAGICAL...

Over the last few months I have been thinking about all the things I loved about being a kid. I loved ART. I have been looking for art supplies each time I go to the store and have compiled a substantial collection. Before the cold weather hits I thought we needed to try Finger Painting, he loved it, and well, so did I.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tagged: 6 Unspectacular Things

So here you go 6 unspectacular things about me:

1. I sometimes will take a bite of something and realise that it not worth swallowing and I spit it out!(Not worth the calories)

2. I bite my nails I have since I was three or four. I have stopped before but only for a few months and then I started up again!

3. I hate leaving messages. I will call you, but unless it is so very important, I don't leave a message most of the time!

4. I use almost an entire roll of paper towels a day. I guess I am not going green. I am addicted to them.

5. I am sensitive to smells and even stories about smells. I gag easily.

6. I have been known to re-wash clean laundry- if I don't fold it quick enough. Jamie hates wrinkles in clothes and he will put them in the dirty clothes pile if they have any wrinkles. (sometimes I will sneak them back into his drawer, shhhhh don't tell)

Tell us about 6 unspectacular quirks that you have. Tag 6 following bloggers. Leave a comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been tagged.

I Tag: Mary C, Becca M, Sadie H, Amanda S, Lindsey N, and Amelia M

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black and Yellow Party
This party designed by HWTM is fabulous! I love the idea of decorating a living or dining room in these colors! I'm inspired!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The last bit of Summer

What a week here are a few highlights:

Having dinner up the canyon is so much fun, a perfect Family night with fun friends and the weather was perfect!

I Surfed behind the boat on Monday and Tuesday, My sister's were in town from Boston and Virgina. The lake was perfect! I am getting good at it too!

Ryan loves the tube, if we take him off too early he will cry for an hour!

Future Wakeboarder!

Canning Strawberry jam was fun as was learning about canning all types of food at our dinner group activity on Thursday night!

Ryan had fun with his friend Jack at The Farm on Friday! And crafting with friends until after midnight is always fun!

Swiss days on Saturday and a Girls trip to Park City was just what I needed! we had so much fun talking and shopping! The best part? Not coming home until Sunday! Thanks Tina!
{my friend makes these darling banners, she sold of them up at swiss days, they were a hit! Be sure to check out her website here}

Kids and Nursery Line

Did you know that Restoration Hardware had a baby and child line? I love that modern stores are focusing on great nursery design. Here is a sneak peak!

*pro: great furniture, simple lines and new designs
*cons: For bedding the color line is a bit boring, the pink and blue are way to saturated