Friday, January 29, 2010

Around the house in the morning

Wintry mornings are great when there is fresh snow on the ground, and the world is beautiful and white, but grey winter mornings are quite the opposite... A bit dreary... And in Utah very Brown... I am looking forward to morning walks in the sunshine..

I am not complaining, I just need to get some vitamin D and I will feel so much better.

8:15 am -Somehow he slept like this, I wont show you how I sleep, it might just scare you....
8:35 am
The messes begin, dirty dishes and marshmallows ,and toys in piles.

{usually I do the dishes at night, but instead the husband and I watched "whip it" much more fun, plus I was exhausted} secretly I was hoping my other half would step in and help... I think he was exhausted too...
{basketball, flashlight, pj shirt, numbers and Marshmallows and a school craft ...}
8:50 am Things that make me smile, the valentine balls I made with some of my friends a few weeks ago!

My new favorite thing We bought a Brita. I drink so much water that we were going through loads of Arrowhead water bottles... I heart arrowhead, now I just take them on the go, it saves money and the environment!
We had honey nut Cheerios for breakfast, and Ryan somehow deleted everything on our DVR... I am OK with it except we have not even started 24 yet, and now the episodes are gone deleted.... 3 year old boys are so mischievous and destructive and funny too!
9:00 am we are still not dressed or showered, the only stipulation was that Ryan brush his teeth while watching" The Little Einsteins"... As I was reading my favorite Blogs...
I guess its time to be productive and do the dishes, fold the laundry and shower. Then we are going to the paint store to look at the new colors, its painting time... I think I have much more to do, but I will have to make my list later. What are your lazy mornings like? Are they similar? {i love mornings like this, its a nice change from the rushing school attending, class going mornings}

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I don't want to forget a few of the things Ryan has been saying and doing lately. So I am documenting.

1. After eating something good he Say's this is DELICIOUS! Its a big word and it makes us laugh!

2. While rubbing my tummy and telling me that there is a baby sister in there, he then says, "what a sweetie... "

3. He tells me he loves me at least 100 times a day, he will just walk up to me and say I wuv you mom... And at night he says "goodnight Mom" for half an hour, I have to respond each time or he will get out of bed to tell me..

4. He likes to brush his teeth, and is sure to tell me there are bugs in his mouth when they need brushing.

5. He likes things on his own terms, just like me! If I make a request he always tells me " just a minute.." Or "one more minute.."

6. At night he says prayers and he likes me to help him, but he always adds in his own things, like how he is thankful for Lily or our Neighbor Taegan. {his two girl friends} or the Helicopter that Jamie got for Christmas...

7. He sleeps in our room on the floor. He will not sleep in his room. We are hoping to help him sleep in his own room before the baby comes.. fingers crossed...

8. When he opens the door to Preschool he has to let everyone know he is there. He Say's "HELLO " in the loudest cutest voice. They always respond, and say how glad they are that he is there.He like's to make an entrance!

9. He has lots if great grandparent's and can distinguish between them, He really likes to talk to Great Grandma C , or "Grandma C" he calls her.

10. He likes to sing songs, and sometimes asks if he can sing to the baby, It's usually I am a child of God or Twinkle Twinkle little star.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Do:

Les Madeleines for lunch:

On Saturday my sister and I went looking for quilts, fabric and patterns... . We were on a mission, to make baby girl quilts, and I think I found the one I am making... Well trying to make. I am not a self proclaimed seamstress. I hope that I can do this.

After we went to lunch at Les Madeleines in SLC . It was everything I thought it would be. We both had soup and sandwiches, mine was a Caprese. Fresh bread brushed with olive oil, and fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and basil. I recommend. Then we bought a couple of pastries to share, I had to try a macaron we went for the passion fruit. But the best the Koung- Aman a pastry out of this world seriously I have been thinking about it ever since..

{photo from les madeleines the famous koung-aman}

If you are into pastry and good pastry, go there!

216 East 500 South

ps: on friday the husband and I we went to see avatar... great movie!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My sister is having her first baby in MAY. I am excited because showers are just my thing! And in the spring? So fun! So I have been looking through old archives, I love the idea of an all white shower, or this one with fun springy colors... I may have to add a bit of pink, because she is having a girl too! How fun is that,two cousins born a few weeks a part? Its perfect I tell you!
{picture from MSL}
Or how fun are the colors is these macarons?

{picture from Amy Atlas}

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to life back to Reality... Back to English

My little Brother Zak just returned from his 2 year LDS Mission in GERMANY! {Someday I want to go to Germany he said it was gorgeous!}
This past weekend was Busy and FUN because we were able to meet him at the Airport and just hang out together. I love that!

The crazy part about your brother being gone for two years, leaving at age 19 {obnoxious age for boys} is that when he comes home, he is practically a MAN! Its wild... Zak is Hansome, Mature and Ryan adores him already. Today he stopped by our house for a remnant piece of carpet,{because we always have those lying around here} for his new adventures in the Sigma Chi House up in SLC. I know he will have so much fun,and work hard in school,I am proud of him for serving so diligently. You could just tell he was an great missionary!
{I know it must be so much harder for the parents, they were very excited to welcome him home}
Welcome home Zak!{PS: I love your European clothes they are stylin}

Monday, January 11, 2010

Itty Bitty Ball

Ryan just started Itty Bitty Basket Ball. {So if am honest,you all know I am.... it is quite funny to watch clumsy three year olds try and play basket ball. We are now in our second week, and I cant believe how much better he is doing... He loves it, and can now DRIBBLE! That is an accomplishment!}
Doesn't he look like a natural?
Ryan found out the first day that his friend Logan was on his team.. Here are the two slam dunkers...

I think this is just the beginning of many many many many many many many
years of sports watching and CHEERING GOOOOO RYAN!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Im getting the nesting bug....

Everything is just not clean enough,not organised enough, or beautiful enough! I have catalogs cornered with some new furniture picked out. I just need a change... I think it will come slowly, but hopefully by the time the baby comes I will have things together the way I want them.

{sofa I am thinking about! I love the charcoal color and extra seating}
I know Its not always a priority to decorate, but I have waited for too long! I need to make my surroundings beautiful. And why shouldn't they be? Have you ever heard anyone say, I don't deserve to be surrounded by pretty things? No? That's because we all should be surrounded by pretty things. As I do this I will post my changes little by little. It will be a on a budget, so maybe it will inspire other people who are on a budget too!

I am getting excited, can you tell? Besides the second trimester energy must be kicking in right about now! Now I just have to channel it and use it for good!

Happy Decorating!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The fastest Belly Whopper...

As only Frosty the snowman, a huge figure in our house would say... Lets go "Belly Whoppin", {some may call it sledding} Ryan is obsessed with snowmen and drawing snowmen, and the like, frosty the snowman has been his favorite cartoon for a year now. I am not sure this will be changing any time soon.

So to get the kids out of the house, {ryan and lilly a little girl I watch} and have some winter fun, we went sledding! They loved it! So I think I will take them again today!
They are the cutest things all bundled up!