Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The fastest Belly Whopper...

As only Frosty the snowman, a huge figure in our house would say... Lets go "Belly Whoppin", {some may call it sledding} Ryan is obsessed with snowmen and drawing snowmen, and the like, frosty the snowman has been his favorite cartoon for a year now. I am not sure this will be changing any time soon.

So to get the kids out of the house, {ryan and lilly a little girl I watch} and have some winter fun, we went sledding! They loved it! So I think I will take them again today!
They are the cutest things all bundled up!

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BECKY said...

That pic of Lilly is SO cute! You should sell it to her parents. :) you're such a fab mom... I love that you do awesome stuff like that!!