Thursday, January 7, 2010

Im getting the nesting bug....

Everything is just not clean enough,not organised enough, or beautiful enough! I have catalogs cornered with some new furniture picked out. I just need a change... I think it will come slowly, but hopefully by the time the baby comes I will have things together the way I want them.

{sofa I am thinking about! I love the charcoal color and extra seating}
I know Its not always a priority to decorate, but I have waited for too long! I need to make my surroundings beautiful. And why shouldn't they be? Have you ever heard anyone say, I don't deserve to be surrounded by pretty things? No? That's because we all should be surrounded by pretty things. As I do this I will post my changes little by little. It will be a on a budget, so maybe it will inspire other people who are on a budget too!

I am getting excited, can you tell? Besides the second trimester energy must be kicking in right about now! Now I just have to channel it and use it for good!

Happy Decorating!


Vanessa said...

Hi Emily! I love your blog, I just found it and I'm a fan. Love transformations (hate budgets) this is gonna be great! Congrats on the little girl, I'm biased but I sure love some pink. Kisses!

BECKY said...

Can't wait to see what you choose for her nursery... no doubt it will be classy and adorable! Hooray for budgets; show us what you've got!

Teresa said...

i love the sofa!