Friday, January 29, 2010

Around the house in the morning

Wintry mornings are great when there is fresh snow on the ground, and the world is beautiful and white, but grey winter mornings are quite the opposite... A bit dreary... And in Utah very Brown... I am looking forward to morning walks in the sunshine..

I am not complaining, I just need to get some vitamin D and I will feel so much better.

8:15 am -Somehow he slept like this, I wont show you how I sleep, it might just scare you....
8:35 am
The messes begin, dirty dishes and marshmallows ,and toys in piles.

{usually I do the dishes at night, but instead the husband and I watched "whip it" much more fun, plus I was exhausted} secretly I was hoping my other half would step in and help... I think he was exhausted too...
{basketball, flashlight, pj shirt, numbers and Marshmallows and a school craft ...}
8:50 am Things that make me smile, the valentine balls I made with some of my friends a few weeks ago!

My new favorite thing We bought a Brita. I drink so much water that we were going through loads of Arrowhead water bottles... I heart arrowhead, now I just take them on the go, it saves money and the environment!
We had honey nut Cheerios for breakfast, and Ryan somehow deleted everything on our DVR... I am OK with it except we have not even started 24 yet, and now the episodes are gone deleted.... 3 year old boys are so mischievous and destructive and funny too!
9:00 am we are still not dressed or showered, the only stipulation was that Ryan brush his teeth while watching" The Little Einsteins"... As I was reading my favorite Blogs...
I guess its time to be productive and do the dishes, fold the laundry and shower. Then we are going to the paint store to look at the new colors, its painting time... I think I have much more to do, but I will have to make my list later. What are your lazy mornings like? Are they similar? {i love mornings like this, its a nice change from the rushing school attending, class going mornings}


BECKY said...

A happy morning. :) I hope the rest of the day goes as well!

Karly said...
Watch ANY tv show and have fun!