Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

A new year always bring New Years Resolutions! I have quite a few this year! Coming Soon, my list of resolutions! Some parts of the world have already rang in the New Year! I am looking forward to a great 2008!

I plan on staying home and enjoying an evening in with Jamie, maybe some Sparkling Beverage and California Pizzas?After an activity packed week. I am ready for some down time!

Happy New Year!

Homemade gifts

My sister Knitted Ryan a scarf for Christmas! It is one of my favorite gifts! He looks adorable in it too! Thanks Aunt Rae!

Lunch with my Granparents

Last Thursday, Ryan and I took my Grandparents to lunch! It was fun to spend some quality time with them, and of course with Ryan too! They are such wise people, and make great conversation. I took them to Market Street South Jordan, for some chowder! It was a cold day and the warm soup was so comforting, we finished with a Raspberry Torte, and enjoyed our view of the snowflakes falling outside the large windows.

My favorite moment was on the drive home, My Grandpa and Ryan both fell asleep, and at a Red light I had to turn around and capture the moment! Some things never change!

Zak a Missionary!

My Brother leaves on Wed morning to serve a mission for our Church. He will be serving in Northern Germany, and we will miss him so much! He is excited, and will be spending two months in The MTC (Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah). He will spend his time studying the German Language.Then he will leave for Germany for 22 months. I am excited for him to have this experience, as I also served a Mission. I loved my time as a Missionary, and know he will also treasure his upcoming experiences.

My Grandparents and some Aunts Uncles and cousins were in town this past week, and they all left today back to Portland Oregon. I was sad to see them go, its so fun when the extended family is together. We played games, and had a lovely farewell for Zak while they were here.

It was in fact a perfect weekend! We will miss you all, especially you Zak!

Who doesnt like a great bag!

I found myself admiring my new oioi bag, that Jamie bought me for Christmas! I love it! There is nothing like a new bag, especially one so pretty, and sassy! (It is a diaper bag-and the pockets and storage inside are so great for organizing)
But does it look like a diaper bag? You tell me!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holly Jolly

What a Holly Jolly Christmas! I am glad it is over, because I need a nap. But I had to fill you in on the Happenings of this past week. On Sunday we celebrated "Little Christmas Eve" Which is the Swedish Christmas. It was held at our Dear Friends home who are also of Swedish decent.Food was devoured, Swedish traditions were celebrated, carols were sung( including a rendition of the devil went down to Georgia, which isn't a Christmas carol, but Jamie sang it all by himself! We even had a fiddle player too! It was pretty impressive.

I did not take pictures, but later in the evening Jamie brought Ryan to me with a bloody nose, he had fallen face first off a trampoline onto a cement floor, while his daddy had turned around for a second. It looked worse than it was, and luckily his nose is just fine! (I think his nose looks a little bit bigger, everyone tells me its my imagination!)

On Monday, My mom prepared a fabulous dinner of fillet Mignon and crab legs, we ate by candle light, and enjoyed each bite! After dinner we listened to my sister read the Story of Christs birth from the Bible, played some games, and Jamie and I headed home to put Ryan to bed and watch A Christmas Story.

Yesterday, we were excited to see Ryan open his gifts, and he was a fast learner, by the last present he had mastered present opening! We let him play with his toys, before we headed over to Grandmas.

We had brunch, opened gifts, all all headed out the door to see National Treasure. It was a great movie! The best part was Ryan fell asleep during the first 15 minutes, and we were able to watch the entire movie! Never has happened before!

Game to buy: Blockus, we played this game the rest of the day! Must Buy!
Dinner to have: Crab Legs
Favorite gift; Monogrammed pillow cases from my sister, an oi oi bag from Jamie
Best Moment:When Ryan started stuffing chocolate from his stocking in his mouth
Favorite Song: O holy night
Best chore: Wrapping gifts
Best treat: Chocolate covered Oreo's
Most mundane: Cleaning up the mess!(still need too!)

Thanks for sharing a memorable holiday with us! Much love and a Happy New Year!

Christmas French Toast

For Christmas brunch, I made a baked french toast with carameled pecans on top. It was so yummy, I had to post the recipe! (It is from Paula Dean)

1 loaf French bread (13 to 16 ounces) 8 large eggs 2 cups half-and-half 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg Dash salt

Praline Topping, recipe follows

Maple syrup

Slice French bread into 20 slices, 1-inch each. (Use any extra bread for garlic toast or bread crumbs). Arrange slices in a generously buttered 9 by 13-inch flat baking dish in 2 rows, overlapping the slices. In a large bowl, combine the eggs, half-and-half, milk, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt and beat with a rotary beater or whisk until blended but not too bubbly. Pour mixture over the bread slices, making sure all are covered evenly with the milk-egg mixture. Spoon some of the mixture in between the slices. Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.
The next day, preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Spread Praline Topping evenly over the bread and bake for 40 minutes, until puffed and lightly golden. Serve with maple syrup.

Praline Topping: 1/2 pound (2 sticks) butter 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 cup chopped pecans 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
Combine in bowl.

I cooked mine a little longer because the bread on the bottom was still a bit wet.Upon serving I used real maple syrup on top(just a drizzle, and fresh berries on the side) A hit with everyone!


Cards,Presents under a tree...

squeals of delight....


Some Dancing...

Some Table settings...

Some Lights...

Thinking of our Saviors Birth....
A Silent night...
Waking up to a blanket of snow..
A Perfect Holiday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You better not pout you better not cry...

I finally got our Christmas Cards out Today! I worked on them all day yesterday, and was anticipating getting them to the post office. I decided to make my own cards this year, and I staged a Christmas photo with Ryan. I put him in a full Santa suit on a sled out in the snow. what I did not anticipate was that It would be really hard to get him to smile. He did not like wearing the hat, or the boots. And so my Christmas card picture is one that will make you laugh, because it looks neither jolly nor cheery.

But all in all I applaud my efforts. And will have a fond memory to look back on!

Merry Christmas!

Love the Watson's

Anniversary Dinner

Jamie and I celebrated our Anniversary last night. We got a babysitter and went to dinner at a Brazilian Restaurant called Tucanos. It was really tasty! Then we went shopping to round up a few things on our lists. It was nice to Celebrate!. Happy Anniversary Babe!
I love you!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Too Much!

I have wanted to post these last few days, but I have been so busy trying to juggle all the holiday festivities! It has been a great week, fun parties,cookie making,fun with friends, trimming the tree,making our Christmas cards, and still making it to the gym daily! Have consumed every minute of every day. I am so glad it is Sunday today, so I could take the time to reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for!

I promise more posts with pictures, soon to come!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Grandmas Really are the best!

I thought I would post about my Grandma today! Her Birthday is this month! And her name is Carol! Perfect for a December Birth! I have the most wonderful Grandma, she never forgets a birthday, or misses a special occasion! She is a very special person. As her first grandchild, we have always had a special bond.
I will always remember singing harmony with her at church. She has a great voice, and that gave me a great love for singing!

She also always had great books at her home, as a child I would read until late hours of the night just to Finnish the huge children's books. And of course slept with the most comfortable blanket, for some reason I loved her blankets. They smelled so good!

She always made the best toast, and to this day I have not had better toast!

She loves her great-grandson Ryan! We have that in common!

I think we all can agree, grandmas are the best!

I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The First Snow

What a beautiful day it was today. It lightly snowed all day. It was a first for Ryan, and he sat by the back door watching and marveling this white wonderland in our back yard! I opened the door and had him feel the snow. He was all smiles! I love moments like these!

Brrr Its cold out side!

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer...

My Mom bought Ryan a Rudolph toy, the nose lights up and it sings the Rudolph song! He loved it! Now when I sing the song he gets so excited. Today I watch the movie with him, I think he recognised his Red Nosed Friend!

Baked Potato Soup

I had to take dinner to family in my neighborhood. So I decided on Baked potato soup from the Nordstroms Cookbook. I used to work at Nordstroms and loved this soup that they served in the cafe. And Homemade apple crisp with vanilla Ice Cream!

I recommend less thyme then the recipe calls for. It overpowers the soup!

Garnish with bacon, green onion, and a dollop of sour cream and you are in soup heaven!

I would post the recipes but I can't find them on the web, I guess I recommend buying the Nordstroms Friends and Family Cookbook!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love...

Ryan... sometimes I think "how did I get so lucky?" I have the sweetest baby boy! Yesturday It was so cold outside, so I put a hat on Ryan. He hates hats, but once we got outside he forgot he had it on, he looked so sweet!

Pottery Barn Ribbon Ornaments

I finally completed the ribbon ornaments I had been wanting to make for my Christmas Tree this year! Thanks to Chantal, for the idea. I was going to buy them from Pottery Barn, but I saved money and made them myself! I think they turned out great! Now I just need to go and pick out a Tree!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Festival of Trees

Last night I kicked off the season, by attending the Festival of Trees. It was a great event, last night was the opening night, and so people were going there mostly to bid on a Tree of their choice. The proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. The families or Individuals who decorate the trees, donate everything out of their own pocket. Many of the Trees are dedicated to love ones lost. It was heartwarming to see the care that went into each detail. I was almost brought to tears as I read a few of the stories and dedications, written on display cards next to each tree. Many of them were dedicated to small children or babies, that had passed on. As a new mother these were the hardest for me to read. What brave parents to go through something so tragic. It brought things into perspective for this time of year. The entire event is put on by volunteers, and they did such a great job! My friend Amanda attended with me, we had such a nice time! the festival will be going on thru the 1st of December at the South Town Expo Center.