Monday, December 31, 2007

Lunch with my Granparents

Last Thursday, Ryan and I took my Grandparents to lunch! It was fun to spend some quality time with them, and of course with Ryan too! They are such wise people, and make great conversation. I took them to Market Street South Jordan, for some chowder! It was a cold day and the warm soup was so comforting, we finished with a Raspberry Torte, and enjoyed our view of the snowflakes falling outside the large windows.

My favorite moment was on the drive home, My Grandpa and Ryan both fell asleep, and at a Red light I had to turn around and capture the moment! Some things never change!


Teresa said...

Soooo cute...I love grampas.....(sigh)

Emily Watson said...

Thats because you had one of the best! What a legacy! Love you-