Monday, December 10, 2007

Grandmas Really are the best!

I thought I would post about my Grandma today! Her Birthday is this month! And her name is Carol! Perfect for a December Birth! I have the most wonderful Grandma, she never forgets a birthday, or misses a special occasion! She is a very special person. As her first grandchild, we have always had a special bond.
I will always remember singing harmony with her at church. She has a great voice, and that gave me a great love for singing!

She also always had great books at her home, as a child I would read until late hours of the night just to Finnish the huge children's books. And of course slept with the most comfortable blanket, for some reason I loved her blankets. They smelled so good!

She always made the best toast, and to this day I have not had better toast!

She loves her great-grandson Ryan! We have that in common!

I think we all can agree, grandmas are the best!

I love you Grandma! Happy Birthday!


Teresa said...

Grandmas are the best. I don't have any of mine around anymore, but I have great memories. That's a sweet picture with Ryan. Make sure to take more.

Howling Pickup said...

Is that your cute grandma that we stayed with in Oregon?

Emily Watson said...

Yes it sure is! Can you belive it?

That seems like a long long time ago!

It was a very interesting trip!

Pull IVY Pull, Pull Ivy Pull!