Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You better not pout you better not cry...

I finally got our Christmas Cards out Today! I worked on them all day yesterday, and was anticipating getting them to the post office. I decided to make my own cards this year, and I staged a Christmas photo with Ryan. I put him in a full Santa suit on a sled out in the snow. what I did not anticipate was that It would be really hard to get him to smile. He did not like wearing the hat, or the boots. And so my Christmas card picture is one that will make you laugh, because it looks neither jolly nor cheery.

But all in all I applaud my efforts. And will have a fond memory to look back on!

Merry Christmas!

Love the Watson's


Chantal said...

He looks adorable smile or not! I love the complete Santa outfit. And that sleigh is amazing!! Love it.

Lindsey Nehring said...

how cute!! We are excited to see you guys too! I hear ryan and calvin had a fun time playing together the other day! Here is our address: 1304 N 190 E #C Lehi UT 84043

Blondie said...

I love your little Santa man!! Happy Holidays and we'll see you soon, I meant to call you on your anniversary so... Happy Anniversary too!

Love ya,

Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

Ryan looks so cute. The candy that was left on your doorstep is from us. Lane just left it there because you weren't there and he didn't write our name on it. It's the peppermint white chocolate stuff. Merry Christmas. We miss you guys!

Becca said...

I think he looks darling. The sad pictures are always the cutest!