Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday Kids Clothing

I found this reindeer bow tie at crewcuts , the new line for kids by j crew, love the looks, discouraged by the prices, but I could splurge a bit for this darling bow tie!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Holiday Craftiness

I decided its time to start looking for things to decorate with this Christmas, I have decided what colors I want to start collecting each year and I found a few things to start with.
I Love this Martha Stewart Jingle Bell Wreath, and I am going to make it! I love the simplicity
and beautiful champagne ribbon!

I also love these beaded snowflakes, I think these would look especially beautiful on my Christmas tree!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Uncles are the best!

My little brother, loves being an uncle! He usually sleeps over every other weekend, so he gets lots of time with Ryan. Ryan was so content watching TV on Jeremy's lap I had to snap a picture!

Halloween Dinner Party

On Friday night we had a dinner party, eight couples, great food, nice conversation, dessert, and pumpkin carving. Everyone was really into the pumpkin carving, we lit them all up on my front porch and we were a pretty proud bunch. My cousin Lindsey's husband Rich had a birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday and topped it off with Chocolate Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Pie! It was a Great night! Thanks to all who attended!

Jamie was really excited to carve his pumpkin, His is actually eating another pumpkin, clever! I decided to keep it simple with our Family monogram a big W!

And the finished products!

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A New Leaf

As of last Monday I am unemployed, Shaw Industries decided to discontinue our entire program, and over 40 people are now out of work. A surprise, but I am really enjoying, my time with Ryan, the park, lunching with my mom, sewing, and getting projects done from the back of my closets. I might win an award for the most organized mom here pretty soon!

Yesterday I went to lunch with my mom, have any of you been to Rumbi's? A favorite of mine, Crisp greens, feta, grilled chicken, tortilla strips, tomatoes,and a spicy vinaigrette to top it off, Healthy and tasty. afterwards we headed to Thanksgiving point, to take a few pictures with the plethora of pumpkins, I got some great shots only to discover we have lost our camera usb cord, so no pictures of the big day, soon to come.

Today I am heading to the fabric store with a friend of mine in hopes I may find some jewels in the mix. My plan is to make more baby shoes, and a few other things for Christmas. Then back home to make Roasted Tomato Basil Soup, we are out, and I need to restock our freezer. There are 9 lbs of Roma tomatoes on the counter, calling to me. I have procrastinated for 3 days, it will be the perfect meal for a crisp October day!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fabulous Flowers

Jamie surprised me with these beautiful fall flowers! I was so impressed! He has really come a long way in the last three years when it comes to picking out flowers. I guess my subtle hints have made an impact on him after all. If I had it my way I would have fresh flowers every week. I especially love the red vase they came in! Snaps for my hubby!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Oh to be one years old, Ryan has been so funny, laughing and making faces, giving high fives, and sticking out his tounge.

Pizza 101

I decided to share some valuable information for you pizza lovers out there. Jamie and I consider ourselves quite the pizza connoisseurs. We have tried many places and have come up with this list. I guarantee you will be satisfied!

1. Nevoles- Best NY pizza in town, hands down, and my personal favorite, Whats on the menu? Pizza, and Bread sticks. The pizza comes in one size only, and huge slices! Great place to bring kids, or friends. Not really a date place, but we have gone anyways just to get the thin but not to thin crust and lots of good mozzarella!
2. Litza's Pizza- Litza's Pizza has become famous for its pizza made from scratch with fresh dough, sauce blended with an amazing array of spices, rich mozzarella cheese, and fresh toppings of meats and vegetables. Litza's Pizza is the gathering place for tasty food and cheerful service for friends and family from all walks of life. See you there! make sure to try a salad too! The dressing is so tasty!
3. The pie- for those of you who have not ventured into the city to try this restaurant yet, I recommend the drive it is worth it!The pie is a famous SLC pizza place up by the U of U, they have live music on the weekends, and make one killer pizza. Don't try this place if you are watching calories, they do not skimp on the cheese! Order the thin crust, its awesome, similar to a NY pizza!

4. Rock Creek Pizzaria- I had to add this one to the list even though I think it leaves much to be desired, but it is Jamie's favorite! They have a lunch buffet, with all you can eat pizza and salad bar, the salad bar was good, Jamie recommends the plain cheese pizza.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The PGA Champion

Jamie recently bought Ryan his own putter, from Unita golf.Its the smallest club you can get. When Jamie gets home from work he usually puts golf balls down the hall, and with his own club, Ryan joins him too! I think we may have a little golfer on our hands!

Things I love today....

1. Williams Sonoma- A good Friend is getting Married soon, and she registered at Williams Sonoma. It had been a while since I had gone to Trolley Square, and I have been missing out! Check out the Red Ice cream maker on sale for $59.00. Or the Pumpkin Streusel Bunt cake mix!
2. Sewing- I just opened last years Christmas gift from my mom, a sewing machine. It is awesome! I don't know why I waited so long. On Etsy I found a pattern for Kimono Baby Booties, they are absolutely darling, I have already made three pairs.

3.Squash- On Sunday I made squash soup to take to my parents for dinner. Recipe:
3 cups cubed and peeled Banana or Butternut squash
1 cup baby carrots
1 small onion chopped
8 cups chicken broth
4 medium potatoes cubed and peeled
1 and 1/2 pkg cream cheese
salt to taste
pepper to taste
Boil chicken stock, add squash, potatoes, carrots,and onion. Cook until squash is easily pierced with a fork. Make sure veggies are just barely covered with stock, if there is excess water remove about a cup of stock. Put through a food processor or use a hand held blender until the soup is nice an smooth. Add cream cheese until melted and combined evenly. Add salt and pepper( I add lots of cracked pepper) And serve!

4. Leopard print- One of the pairs of booties I made was leopard print with red lining for a little girl! Adorable!

5. Caramel Apples- Two weeks ago I had a group of friends over to make caramel apples, first I taught them how to make homemade caramel, then we dipped, and had all kinds of things to roll them in, toffee, milk chocolate, Reese's pieces, nuts,and dipping the entire caramel apple in white chocolate then rolling in Cinnamon sugar mixture.(my personal favorite).

6. Halloween Decorations

7. Winder Dairy- Jamie and I decided to get our milk and eggs delivered to our door from Winder dairy. The milk and eggs are from animals that have not been injected with hormones, and the eggs are cage free and full of omega threes. The milk tastes so much better than store bought milk. It comes in milk bottles too! I love Monday mornings when we get our milk delivery. Its so old fashioned and unconventional!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Porcupine Lunch

So Today Ryan and I met a freind and her two girls for lunch at the Porcupine grill. I eat the same thing every time, The house salad with grilled chicken, no onions! It is one amazing salad. Fresh Greens, Blue Cheese, Roasted pecans, pears, mandarin oranges and the most fabulous basalmic dressing! And for the kids, a cheese pizza, perfect size for two toddlers to share and they eat every bite. Great company- Great Food, what a lovely afternoon. Thanks Jess!

One Fall Day

The Slide

Ryan went down the slide by himself,I am so proud, but I feel a little sad too! He is growing up so fast,sometimes dont you wish you could stop time during the special moments?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Christmas is coming....

Jamie asked me what I want for Christmas, after much thought, I think I would love a new King size bed, instead of the Queen we currently share with Ryan on occasion. I found one I really like at Ethan Allen, I love the intricate design. The turned legs, I'm inspired! I think it would go well with this monagramed bedding at Pottery barn! (with Green accents) No harm in looking right?

Boise a great city?

For any of you who may find yourselves in Boise ID, or currently live there, I really enjoyed my stay this past week. I found it to be refreshing, I had the opportunity to take clients to two restaurants, For any special occasion or when family comes to town, either of these are a perfect choice.

1. Cottonwood Grille

Contemporary Northwest Cuisine

Great atmosphere, we made a reservation, they sat us overlooking a beautiful garden, and river. Food was great, a little pricey, but nice presentation. The desserts, were amazing, I recommend any beef entree cut in house, and for dessert banana bread pudding with homemade caramel and chocolate sauces. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I would travel to Boise just for dessert! It was that good!
The dining room, beautiful Northwest Decor.

2. Brick29 Bistro Comfort food reinvented....

This was a fabulous dining experience, I had the catch of the day, recommended by my waitress, Flaky Mahi Mahi with a cream sauce with capers and fresh tomatoes. All appetizers were great, especially the calamari, I don't recommend dessert, we ordered all of them and didn't find either of them particularly tasty!