Thursday, October 25, 2007

A New Leaf

As of last Monday I am unemployed, Shaw Industries decided to discontinue our entire program, and over 40 people are now out of work. A surprise, but I am really enjoying, my time with Ryan, the park, lunching with my mom, sewing, and getting projects done from the back of my closets. I might win an award for the most organized mom here pretty soon!

Yesterday I went to lunch with my mom, have any of you been to Rumbi's? A favorite of mine, Crisp greens, feta, grilled chicken, tortilla strips, tomatoes,and a spicy vinaigrette to top it off, Healthy and tasty. afterwards we headed to Thanksgiving point, to take a few pictures with the plethora of pumpkins, I got some great shots only to discover we have lost our camera usb cord, so no pictures of the big day, soon to come.

Today I am heading to the fabric store with a friend of mine in hopes I may find some jewels in the mix. My plan is to make more baby shoes, and a few other things for Christmas. Then back home to make Roasted Tomato Basil Soup, we are out, and I need to restock our freezer. There are 9 lbs of Roma tomatoes on the counter, calling to me. I have procrastinated for 3 days, it will be the perfect meal for a crisp October day!

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