Monday, June 30, 2008

Boating at Utah Lake

This past Saturday We went To Utah Lake, we had such a great time! Ryan loved the boat and stayed on it all day, nap too! The weather was hot hot hot, we had lunch in the middle of the lake, it was a perfect start to our weekend. Jamie and Ryan stayed on the boat while I headed out to my friend Heidi's Wedding reception in SLC. I had a great time reuniting with old friends, and also a night out by myself was nice too! (Thanks Sade for a fun afternoon, and also some funny drama}

Jim and Nancy come to Utah

Jamie's Dad Jim and New Wife Nancy came to visit us last week. We had a great time, they came to BBQ at my parents home, we went to Temple Square, Park City, Olympic Park, Dinner at our Home, The Strawberry Days Rodeo, Thanksgiving Point, A Soft Ball game, and of course a few good restaurants. It was a great trip, and we are so glad they were able to get to know Ryan, and spend some time with us! Thanks for coming Jim and Nancy!

At the Rodeo

Grandpa and Ryan

The POOL is Open

Daddy and Ryan

Ryan and Grandma in her pool. I love these pictures of Ryan with My Mom, doesn't he look so happy? He has been such a quick learner, make sure to look at the picture and video of him swimming under water and jumping in the pool! I am so proud of my sweet boy!


Great Grandma and Grandpa Visit

I love seeing my grandma spend time with Ryan, these moments are so special for me, I am close with my Grandma, and I hope she and Ryan can have a special relationship.

My Happy Sweet boy Ryan

My Grandpa Dee

Happy Birthday Tina!

We went to dinner for my Friend Tina's Birthday. We met up at The Gateway for Dinner at Z Tejas and The Movie "What Happens in Vegas" It was so funny! We topped off the night with dessert at the "DoDo" Hope you had a great Birthday Tina!

Mike and Harmony, Tina and Justin and Emily and Jamie

Family Update

I have so much to update, we have had so much fun this summer. And wait, the summer has just started! I have been unsuccessful in up-loading my pictures, I am trying to figure out what the problem is. So hopefully today I can figure it out. I admit I am technically challenged, and I don't like to post without pictures. We have enjoyed the summer sun, Jamie's Dad and Step mom were here last week, I have pictures from our Spa Retreat Enrichment activity, Ryan is almost swimming on his own, and I am loving my tan legs! Jamie had a Birthday and I am working on two fun Baby showers! I always love a good party to plan! Stay Tuned!

Patriotic Decor

I have had my eyes open for patriotic decorations that are simple. This morning while checking My inspirational web sites, I found this picture, perfect, simple and patriotic, I might just have to make this doormat today. Anyone want to join me?
{picture MSL}

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Potluck Desserts

I don't know about you but during the summer we go to a plethora of BB Q's, Dinner Parties, Church Functions and Family Reunions. I usually end up assigned to bring a dessert. So far this summer I have had five occasions I have brought a dessert. For those of you who love to cook, Here are a few few ideas:
You can't go wrong with this dessert, they are fresh and pretty, and even better "in season"!
A twist on a a berry trifle, I made a trifle a few weeks ago and it was a huge hit!

Any bar cookie will get snatched up at any party, you can make them look even better by putting each piece inside a cupcake liner or on a piece of parchment.

Of course you can always take a plate of homemade cookies, brownies or cupcakes, and even if you don't have time or don't enjoy cooking, you can pick up desserts at your local bakeries or restaurants. Last Saturday I had to bring a dessert and so I went to Kneaders and picked up, eclairs, fruit tarts, key lime tarts, chocolate covered strawberries, and huge sugar cookies, and they were a hit!
{Pictures and recipes from Martha Stewart Living}

Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Accessories

I just love summer, I love the laid back relaxing summer days, grilling dinner poolside, playing games, maybe taking a weekend trip on a whim. That is summer to me. Domino Magazine had some fabulous summer finds for under $100.00. Here are few of My favorites:
If only I lived by a beach, and if you do you must have a sandy cookout just like this, how wonderful! Notice the hot dogs cooking with fresh rosemary. (I might just stick with chicken) But wouldn't that be a fun way to kick off the summer?

I love this umbrella and picture myself underneath it in a red swimsuit with a white sundress reading a book.

Yellow is my favorite color this year, and I might be motivated to pull weeds form under our deck if I could carry them away with this yellow wheel barrow, I also noticed a friend of mine had a hose in this same color. I love that idea!If you must grill at a tailgate party or at the lake, wouldn't you love to grill on this green grill? I would!

All the buying info you can find here Enjoy your summer!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My 2 Year old

A wanted to post about a few 2 year old things I never want to forget about my Ryan:

Your nicknames: Ry Ry, Ry, RJ, Monk, Monkey, Nogin, Boog, and Bug
Your words: Daddy, Dad, Da, D, (I see a trend) I love how you say everything is HOT, I love how what you say makes no sense at all like boo ja be do ba da with a huge grin on your face and somehow only I can translate what you are saying .

Your Favorite person: Your Dad, and I guess me too! But you love it when your Dad gets home from work.

Your favorite foods: Anything to Drink, especially Juice, or a BA BA, You love sandwiches and cheese sticks, fruit snacks, and chocolate covered raisins.

You Love: To go out side to the playground across the street and cry if we go to the car instead, you love your green blankie and snuggling up on my lap to watch Disney. You love computers and cell phones, Riding your new bike even though you refuse yo use the petals. You love kisses, and hugs and helping me cook in the Kitchen. You love birds and dogs and get really excited when you see one. You love the vacuum I have no idea why but you get really excited when I use it. You love to color pictures and still eat the crayons.

You don't like: Most vegetables, spinning around, having to come in from any type of play, sitting still

Your favorite songs are: ABC's, I am like a star, Do as I'm doing, and If your happy and you know it clap your hands.

Your favorite game: is to run away from me laughing, especially when I call you!
You love to give high fives, and put on my chap stick, you love suckers, and getting into the sugar jar. You recently started squealing when you are happy and love to run fast. In the nursery they tell me how fast you are and that they have to barricade the door to keep you from escaping. You love all books and love the type that you can touch and feel. You love to share your food but not your toys, You wake up happy and call for daddy, You fold your arms when a prayer is said.

We are so lucky to have you sweet Ryan and are glad you are in our family!

2 years old

1st Birthday!

Painting your home anytime soon?

Here are a few tips:

Always buy a sample, the smallest samples in most stores is a pint of paint, Just buy it, paint your paint on a poster board, or if you can, directly on the wall. Leave it there for a couple of days. Paint on a paint chip never looks the same on the wall, as it does on the chip.

It is worth you money, you don't want to have to re-paint an entire room, or worst case scenario your entire house.

During the last project a pretty coral colored paint chip turned out fluorescent pink. It was the only color we didn't get a sample of . Luckily the painter had only just started. We were able to stop him. Buying a sample saves you money in the long run!

Also paint a smaller sample like a box top or piece of poster board. This is the sample I would carry with you while shopping for bedding and furniture. Its amazing how things come together when you carry a little inspiration with you. I also try to carry fabric swatches with me while shopping too.

Design Project

This chair is the Inspiration for a house I have been working on in Draper. I love the fabric it is so much fun, framing the chair is a fabulous Bright Green Wall. I love this room, the furniture is ordered, I can't wait for it to be all put together!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Bye!

Last week, my cousin Lindsey and her husband Rich stayed at our house on their way to Dental School in Indiana. We have loved living close to them, and have made some fun memories together. Lindsey accompanied me on a road trip a last year to Boise and then up to Oregon, she watched Ryan while I called on a few clients and we had a great time. We are excited for them and their new adventure! Good Luck you guys!

Trip Down Memory Lane

I found some old pictures from my days in Virginia, I miss those fun times, beautiful cities to explore, meeting Jamie and dear friends that I really miss! I just had to post a few of my favorite pictures! Plus maybe looking at these old pictures might keep me from eating the oatmeal choc chip cookies on my counter!