Monday, August 2, 2010

Growing too Fast

Lauren Brooke Watson
1 Hour

4 weeks

5 weeks

8 weeks

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sneak Peak

We are lovong this sweet baby, but things have been a bit crazy around here!
{lauren watson 5 weeks}
I have pictures to share, and my birth story coming soon! xo

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Week After

Before I post my birth story, {it will take some time to write.} But it is worth writing because it was incredible!

{I had a hair apt scheduled the same day I had to go in to the hospital, can you tell?}
I have to say I got through the first week! It was harder than I thought it would be. Learning how to breast feed for the first time, taking the baby to the hospital every day for heel pricks, going to the doctors office to get my blood pressure checked.{ checking my Blood pressure at home}, Keeping my baby on a bed of lights, {which was hard and I cheated lots} feeding her by bottle and feeling defeated because I wasn't giving her enough of my own milk. Ryan and Jamie both had colds over the weekend and were coughing and such.. BUT...
I am so lucky! I really feel that way. It really feels like a victory getting to today! Now I can focus on enjoying my baby, holding her whenever I want to. Making Ryan a Sammie when he is hungry and all the other normal things mom's do!
My Husband has been terrific! I cant say enough. He has made me meals and brought them to me,warmed bottles at night and helped in every other way. {he really is terrific!} Don't you think that when your Husbands are helpful?

Ryan finished his last week of Preschool, And he Graduated! Lauren is as sweet as can be, and me, well I feel great! I want to get out in the sunshine and enjoy summer with my two kids!

{Ryan's last day of preschool}

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome Home

Lauren Brooke Watson
7 Lbs 14 oz

19 Inches Long

2:01 Pm May 19th

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Off to the Hospital

It's 9 o clock Pm Tuesday Night. I am off to the Hospital in about and hour! It is exciting! I Can't wait to hold this sweet baby girl!

I just spent the last hour reading to and playing I spy with my only child for one more day. Is it weird that it made me cry thinking about it?

I guess I just wonder how all the change will effect him. And It will be a change for all of us. It will no longer be just us. Ryan's 4th Birthday is this Saturday. I want him to feel special on his special day, I have tried to plan ahead, I have a present to him from his sister, he gets to open it at the hospital. I think he will love that!

I sure love you Ryan!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Waiting for baby...

When you are waiting for a baby to come, you might find yourself NESTING. That means everything in your entire house is no longer clean enough. This only becomes a problem when you are told by your midwife NO CLEANING! It's driving me crazy and I may or may not be entirely obedient...

We are making the finishing touches on the nursery. I still have a few projects underway, like painting the vintage mirror I have "White" to hang over the changing table. Finding a Mobile I like to hang from the ceiling. I might have to make one? I have to sew on and put the binding on my quilt, and I have some wall art to hang up.
But look what we have accomplished. The Armoire is painted, has new hardware and is in the room! It needs a little touch up, but it is in the room!

All clothes are washed and put away, thanks to my friend Aimee. She helped me last weekend, when I was on strict bed rest. Thank you Aimee!

I am biding my time with projects, sewing , making flowers and burp clothes, I made Ryan and Lauren Matching Hooded towels. How cute are the flowers above that my neighbor taught me to make? Anything else I can make?
I put a little bling on the pacifiers...
And this Little guy is beside himself excited to meet his sister!
So we are pretty much ready and want this little girl here! In the ultrasound last week she measured 7 Lbs 12 ounces... I think that is plenty big enough don't you? And I will admit, I feel uncomfortable, and think she would be better suited in my arms then pressing on my bladder! Just saying!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It has been a whirl wind around here. And that is not just because it has been really windy, and it wakes me up at night....

It's funny because I have had both the storm and the calm after. Some days I am exhausted as I await the birth of our baby girl and feel like I can do nothing but eat toast and take baths. Other days I cant seem to find the time to rest. Although right now doctors orders, I have to REST MORE. {i really have a hard time with the concept}

To sum it up here is what we have been up to...

Family Weddings, my cousin Justin was married 2 weeks ago, I was unable to attend as it was in Boise, {and well what if my water broke?} It was just too far! I wish them the very best! Another Family Friend was Married last Friday, I was able to attend the Ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple, and the lovely dinner that night. I love a beautiful Wedding!

My Sister had her baby on Sunday, we were able to hold baby Cameron just a few hours later she is adorable and went home last night!

{grandma with the new baby}
But, first we had to Celebrate these little girl cousins! So we had a fun Day out with Our Mom and All five sisters, we went to The Cheesecake Factory and opened gifts,and went to see "The Last Song". It was really fun, and it has been so long since we have all been together.

My sister Rachel moved home from Boston. She is awesome and has been so helpful with Ryan. It is perfect timing! And he loves his Aunt! And I have needed her help! Thanks Rachel!

I have been getting little projects checked off my to-do list. The armoire that we have been working on re-finishing is almost ready to put upstairs, and I finished the Baby's Quilt! It is getting quilted right now. I am excited to see it completed!

I had a Birthday in April, it was fun having lunch with My Mom, and lunches with friends. Of course a Night out with Jamie too. It was perfect and just what I needed!

My sweet friends threw me a terrific baby shower last week. I felt so loved and this baby girl with be wearing the cutest dresses this summer! I left feeling so lucky to have such nice friends!
{one of the better pictures of me super pregnant,the others accentuated my attractive double chin!}

{Pink and Black and Girly!}

Jamie and I have been slowly re-doing both the Nursery and Ryan's room. And both projects are coming along. Ryan loves his new room! And I love sitting in the nursery, it is a calm and relaxing place!

{I need to take a picture of Ryan's room, but here he is sleeping soundly with his new beach towel looking bedding!}

Monday, May 3, 2010

We have a Cousin!

Welcome Cameron Rebecca Reese! 7 pounds 14 oz Born May 2nd!
We are so excited to have an Anderson Cousin!

{and as for our baby, we have less then three weeks left, and seeing this beautiful baby makes us really excited}
We love you Cassi and Mark!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love this kid!

Things I love about Ryan age Three...

I had to write this post, because I have been thinking about how much things are going to change around here. Ryan will. no longer be an "only". It seems a bit strange, of course I am excited, but I cant help but wonder what he will think about all of the changes that are coming. I remember the day he was born and the weeks that followed. They were so special. I could not get enough of him. He has been my buddy for almost four years. I am glad I had that time to be with him, and the chance to really get to know him.

He loves to be right next to me,on me, or touching me, {sometimes I might want to be left alone}but he loves to be close to me and I know someday I will really miss that!
He is my protector and my biggest fan. He cheers me on in all I do. He always asks if I am OK. Or he will say how are you feeling? I guess I do that to him, but it is so sweet when he asks me too!

He has to say his prayers with out help,and he is getting so good at it. Sometimes I will remind him of all the things we are grateful for before prayer, and he amazingly remembers all of them. After he insists I sing at least three songs before he will even consider going to sleep.

He likes to eat the same things as me, things daddy will not eat, like tuna sandwiches, and grapefruit and oatmeal, frozen berries and salads.

He tells me he loves me all day, and will tenderly caress my face just to tell me. He also asks me "Mommy are you my friend? "and I always say yes, It really is sweet,he needs to be reassured, especially when he has a tendency to get into lots of scrapes!

In the morning as soon as the sun comes up, he runs into our room and tells me "the sun is awake", and has to join me in bed and cuddle.

I love his enthusiasm, and love and concern for others.

He is excited to turn Four and wants to have a Pirate Party, he talks about it every day. I think I have created a party planner.

He loves to talk on the phone, and will ask me to call "Grandma", if she doesn't answer he goes right down the list of any and all family members until someone answers.

He is funny!And likes to dance,and sing!

He is excited about his baby sister and asks me if she is asleep in my belly or awake, if I say awake he asks to kiss her.
Lastly He lets me dress him and do his hair any way I want, and has no preference at all, I hope he is always like that!

I love my little boy, and I am trying to enjoy every moment I have left with him as my one and only.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Even though I only have a preschooler, we decided to have a Spring Break too! Preschool was out, and I needed to do something to get out of the house, and not go stir crazy inside all day, the weather was still a bit chilly! Jamie was home form work a few days, we went to Discovery Gateway, and took Ryan's friend Taegan with us.
The "Real" Helicopter was Ryan's favorite part!
Another day we met our friends at Jump On It! A room full of trampolines, and a great way to get your kids to take a nap on the way home! {also a great way to get pink eye} but I wont go into that!
Another night Jamie and I took Ryan and a friend to go and see How to train your Dragon, he liked it, we loved it!
We also rented the Chipmunk Movie,{Ryan is still talking about it} and just hung out together!
Since Ryan was home from school and Grandma was out of town I had to take Ryan to my Doctor's Apt. My midwife let Ryan push the button and hear the baby's heart beat.He was so excited to help and hear his sister!
It was a fun week, but I am glad school starts again tomorrow! I enjoy having a break! I only get a few more weeks of those,and then I get to adjust to being a momma of 2 for the Summer! We are getting so close to having this baby!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Morning 2010

On Easter morning the Easter Bunny Hid eggs full of treats and toys all around the house!

A blue egg in the bathroom too! Ryan thought that was so funny!

He has almost found them all!

Afterwards I hosted a brunch with my siblings and cousins.

I was so busy cooking, I didn't take one picture!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Festivities

Ryan had so much fun at our annual Ward Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast!

I don't know why Ryan does this but he finds the egg dumps the candy in his basket and throws the plastic egg on the ground. I am going to try to teach him to keep all the eggs in tact until he is done finding them next time!
It is so much fun running around finding treats!
Later that day I met up with my Sister and Mom and we made some fun Easter Treats.
Macaroon Nests with dark chocolate and Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs.
Later the same day Ryan went to a fun Pirate Birthday Party for his friend Logan, he got to get his picture taken with a real Pirate Argghh! After this fun filled day,Ryan had consumed too much Sugar and completely crashed!
This Sunday I will be hosting my BYU Cousins and a couple of my siblings for an Easter Brunch! Should be fun!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneek Peek and Less then 8 more weeks...

Just a start, but it is coming along...
{laying out the quilt}

Painted room, partially completed quilt, crib up...
To Do:
Paint Armoire
Finish Bedding
Make Basket liners and Changing Table Covers
Decorate with Frames and Shelves
Find a Pretty White Curtain
Wash Clothes
Buy Diapers
Get a Pedicure
Sign up for Hypno-birthing class
Practice Practice Practice {the visualisations}
Pack an overnight bag
Bring Home a Beautiful Baby Girl!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beach Trip Part Duex

We have been home for a couple of weeks now. The children's rooms have been switched, and painted and a quilt has been started... And even though my to -do list is long, it's "do-able" is that a word? In other words I feel no stress about completing it. I need to switch the closets, and paint a vintage armoire... I will post a picture of the piece I just picked up a couple of days ago, I am excited to see the transformation. It is so girly!

Lauren's room, {we have been calling her that, it seems to fit} is PINK and that's an understatement, I still like the color, but without curtains and bedding and the armoire, it is a bit overwhelming. I am still in love with the color, I just can't wait to see everything together. Ryan is obsessed with everything Beach related, so we are working on a beach themed room for him...

And without further adieu Here is the last of the favorites from our recent Watson family vacation.

The mornings were a bit cold, but it warmed up quickly by noon..

Silly Ryan... When I would ask him to smile, he did this, I have no idea where he got it!


Happy Boy

Tennis Lessons (He is a natural!)

Mr Watson- I can't wait until I can play a round with him or should I say keep up with him!

I am so glad we went on this trip, It really gave me time to realise what is important. Enjoy your family, take it easy, stress is overrated, pray and meditate often, marvel in the beauty around you.. and many many more.

Until next time!