Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneek Peek and Less then 8 more weeks...

Just a start, but it is coming along...
{laying out the quilt}

Painted room, partially completed quilt, crib up...
To Do:
Paint Armoire
Finish Bedding
Make Basket liners and Changing Table Covers
Decorate with Frames and Shelves
Find a Pretty White Curtain
Wash Clothes
Buy Diapers
Get a Pedicure
Sign up for Hypno-birthing class
Practice Practice Practice {the visualisations}
Pack an overnight bag
Bring Home a Beautiful Baby Girl!


BECKY said...

I LOVE that pink color!!! The quilt is adorable. And no doubt everything else you do will be fabulous. :) Can't wait to see more.

And you're going to try hypno?! Is your goal to go no epidural this time? (I don't know if you had one with Ryan?) Keep us posted!

Lindsey said...

Good job on the quilt!! Everything looks like it is coming together!

Hurry and sign up for the hypno class if you are going that route. 2 of my friends out here did that but they were practicing since they were like 20 weeks.

Melissa said...

Looks so great! I had a friend who did hypno and she loved it. Worked really well for her.

Love everything you're doing! Keep it up!!!

Erickson Familytales said...

LOVE IT!! The quilt is darling you talented little mama! Hope to see you next Saturday :)

Harmony said...

I love the pink. It is going to be so cute and so is she! Can't wait to see it all done with her in it!