Monday, March 1, 2010

6 Months and Counting

Almost 29 weeks

{looking down the other day I was surprised I couldn't see my feet}
This Pregnancy has been wonderful, I feel like that now, however a few months ago I would have said otherwise...{as the sickness was overtaking me} I am now entering my 30th week with energy and excitement. I have an obvious baby bump, and I actually like it. I don't know if it is just because with a second pregnancy you are so much more relaxed... But the first time I remember feeling so stressed, and feeling so unattractive. This time I have come to terms with the changes, and know that I can't do much about it. I think also that because it took so long to conceive this baby, I am just happy to be having the experience.

{hello baby sister}
Ryan is excited for his Sister to get here. Not a day goes by that he doesn't talk to her, or rub my belly. I think it is sweet, he knows she is coming sometime close to his birthday, so he doesn't really ask me when she is coming, he knows she is still growing. {We were watching a movie one night this week, and I wasn't thinking about editing,the actress had a baby, and now Ryan knows where the baby comes out.} He reminds me daily that "the baby is coming out of your.......... right mom?" and he points. Some of you might think it is inappropriate, but I try not to lose sleep over it. At least its the truth right? I was so caught up in the beauty of birth that I completely forgot to cover his eyes or pause the movie. Why is it that pregnant women cry every time they see a birth? I cant help it I cry every time, its such a miracle.

{kick baby kick}
This week has been my downfall, Up to this point I have led a relatively healthy pregnancy. eating healthy, trying to walk, drinking tons of water. This past week I went to Cafe Rio 4 times... I had a Huge Diet Coke at each of these excursions. Its the honest truth, I made cookies twice, and helped plan a party with a Chocolate Fountain. I think I consumed over a half cup of pure Belgian Milk Chocolate. I started feeling more sluggish and swollen. So today I start over, back to normal I guess.. And back to feeling good.

{playing hide and seek}
Later this month I have another ultrasound scheduled. During the first one, the baby was so active and moving so much the technician couldn't get a good look at her heart. So I get to see my baby again. I am excited, I think ultrasounds are so much fun!

I had a pregnancy moment last week, I had bought this cute headband with a rather large vintage flower on the side. I felt like I needed some fun hair accessories. So I wore it on a date and Jamie HATED it. He told me so and continued to tell me that a huge black flower on his wives head was not cute! I didn't care because I really liked it, so I wore it proudly. Last weekend Jamie was teasing me and took it off my head and in the process broke it. It must have been hormones because I cried... Not a little cry..... a full on hysterical fest with splotchy cheeks and mascara running down my chin. He felt so bad to say the least that he insisted we go shopping immediately. I calmed down and came home with two new maternity outfits. I think I am happier with those then with the huge black flower headband. Definitely not one of my best pregnant moments. Poor Ryan thought daddy was so terrible for breaking Mommy's Head band, that he cried too! {he always has my back!}
Last weekend Jamie was in St George, so I took Ryan on a special date. We went to dinner and to see The Princess and the Frog, he kept saying how special our date was. During the movie he kept saying, this is a special movie Mommy. I think he was so happy to have a night out with just Mom. It was a great memory and he was such a fun date!


BECKY said...

100% loved this post!!! Congrats on 30 weeks... you are really on the home stretch now!! I think it is wonderful for Ryan to know how the baby comes out!! I am SO excited for him to meet his sister! And hooray for a 2nd ultrasound; I have to have one too and it's exciting to think about getting to see her again! Keep that belly growing! Love ya!

The Robinson's said...

Wayy to goo Em!!! I am so excited for you and the family! Loved hearing about all your stories and updates! Sounds like life is treating you very well! Kyle and I think of you often!

Mel said...

Emily, Thank you for your post! I am so excited for you! I am glad that you are feeling well and enjoy your pregnancy. It is so special and such a blessing.
Don't worry about Ryan and the movie. Jakob and Emmi know everything about pregnancy and birth. If I would have delivered Linus at home, I am sure Jakob would have handled like a pro... I think it is good because it just is SO normal for them and now no one else needs to tell/teach them about it.
Anyway, it is good to hear/read from you :)Miss you!

Melissa said...

I love pregnant bellies! You are beautiful and I'm a firm believer that when you're pregnant it's completely fine to have hormonal breakdowns on a regular basis. New clothes always help, right?