Friday, March 26, 2010

Beach Trip Part Duex

We have been home for a couple of weeks now. The children's rooms have been switched, and painted and a quilt has been started... And even though my to -do list is long, it's "do-able" is that a word? In other words I feel no stress about completing it. I need to switch the closets, and paint a vintage armoire... I will post a picture of the piece I just picked up a couple of days ago, I am excited to see the transformation. It is so girly!

Lauren's room, {we have been calling her that, it seems to fit} is PINK and that's an understatement, I still like the color, but without curtains and bedding and the armoire, it is a bit overwhelming. I am still in love with the color, I just can't wait to see everything together. Ryan is obsessed with everything Beach related, so we are working on a beach themed room for him...

And without further adieu Here is the last of the favorites from our recent Watson family vacation.

The mornings were a bit cold, but it warmed up quickly by noon..

Silly Ryan... When I would ask him to smile, he did this, I have no idea where he got it!


Happy Boy

Tennis Lessons (He is a natural!)

Mr Watson- I can't wait until I can play a round with him or should I say keep up with him!

I am so glad we went on this trip, It really gave me time to realise what is important. Enjoy your family, take it easy, stress is overrated, pray and meditate often, marvel in the beauty around you.. and many many more.

Until next time!


BECKY said...

Loved this post. :) Especially the last little bit there. And I can't wait to see this PINK room!!!

Lindsey said...

oh em it looks like you guys had such a good time! SO true that family is most important.

I can't believe that your little girl will be here in under 2 months! Love all the pics.