Thursday, October 30, 2008


October is my favorite month of the year, and it's almost over. We have enjoyed crisp weather, new sweaters, soups, pumpkins, festivals, farmers markets, crafts, caramel apples, and family and friends. New posts soon!

Ryan 2007 A very cute cow! This year, a SKELETON!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wrong Turns and Chocolate Chips

Jamie and I have been talking lately about getting prepared. I made a list last week of a few items that had been on my mind to get our family prepared. You know, food storage, survival items like matches, water, and propane. When Jamie came home that night he thought we should go an pick up a few things off my list.

Sadly instead of getting prepared, this is what happened to my car! It was a first accident for Jamie and I.

Thank goodness for good insurance! We were all okay! No one was hurt and the truck we slammed into was almost untouched!

We went and bought some things off my list later in the week and it's amazing how much better you feel about the uncertainty in our Country when you are prepared. I know we have so much more to do, but little by little it can get done.
My mom used to say to us kids growing up " If I have to use our food storage, I want to make sure we have chocolate chips" Silly I know but my family loves to make cookies. So I have always made sure that I have lots of chocolate chips on hand. Because if we do end up having to use our food storage, at least we will have cookies!
For Now I just want my car back....

Friday, October 3, 2008

She did it again ROBOT PARTY

This party is just darling. I love the Robot cupcakes! I really like party themes that are original and not character oriented. This would be such a fun Little Boy Birthday Party!

Robot Center peice made out of wrapped boxes...

{Be sure to visit Hostess with the Mostess}
I think you could incorporate Lego's into this party if your child loves Lego's-as long as the colors match. Maybe have the kids build their own robots out of Lego's or different types of materials. You could also put treats in toilet paper rolls wrapped in wrapping paper that matches (make it look like a robot part) Emily