Thursday, June 5, 2008

My 2 Year old

A wanted to post about a few 2 year old things I never want to forget about my Ryan:

Your nicknames: Ry Ry, Ry, RJ, Monk, Monkey, Nogin, Boog, and Bug
Your words: Daddy, Dad, Da, D, (I see a trend) I love how you say everything is HOT, I love how what you say makes no sense at all like boo ja be do ba da with a huge grin on your face and somehow only I can translate what you are saying .

Your Favorite person: Your Dad, and I guess me too! But you love it when your Dad gets home from work.

Your favorite foods: Anything to Drink, especially Juice, or a BA BA, You love sandwiches and cheese sticks, fruit snacks, and chocolate covered raisins.

You Love: To go out side to the playground across the street and cry if we go to the car instead, you love your green blankie and snuggling up on my lap to watch Disney. You love computers and cell phones, Riding your new bike even though you refuse yo use the petals. You love kisses, and hugs and helping me cook in the Kitchen. You love birds and dogs and get really excited when you see one. You love the vacuum I have no idea why but you get really excited when I use it. You love to color pictures and still eat the crayons.

You don't like: Most vegetables, spinning around, having to come in from any type of play, sitting still

Your favorite songs are: ABC's, I am like a star, Do as I'm doing, and If your happy and you know it clap your hands.

Your favorite game: is to run away from me laughing, especially when I call you!
You love to give high fives, and put on my chap stick, you love suckers, and getting into the sugar jar. You recently started squealing when you are happy and love to run fast. In the nursery they tell me how fast you are and that they have to barricade the door to keep you from escaping. You love all books and love the type that you can touch and feel. You love to share your food but not your toys, You wake up happy and call for daddy, You fold your arms when a prayer is said.

We are so lucky to have you sweet Ryan and are glad you are in our family!

2 years old

1st Birthday!


Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

What a sweet post. This is a really good idea. It will be so fun to have this to look at later in life, especially when you are having a bad day!!

Blondie said...

I might just have to do this and scrapbook it. I love this, Ryan's growing up too fast.