Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pizza 101

I decided to share some valuable information for you pizza lovers out there. Jamie and I consider ourselves quite the pizza connoisseurs. We have tried many places and have come up with this list. I guarantee you will be satisfied!

1. Nevoles- Best NY pizza in town, hands down, and my personal favorite, Whats on the menu? Pizza, and Bread sticks. The pizza comes in one size only, and huge slices! Great place to bring kids, or friends. Not really a date place, but we have gone anyways just to get the thin but not to thin crust and lots of good mozzarella!
2. Litza's Pizza- Litza's Pizza has become famous for its pizza made from scratch with fresh dough, sauce blended with an amazing array of spices, rich mozzarella cheese, and fresh toppings of meats and vegetables. Litza's Pizza is the gathering place for tasty food and cheerful service for friends and family from all walks of life. See you there! make sure to try a salad too! The dressing is so tasty!
3. The pie- for those of you who have not ventured into the city to try this restaurant yet, I recommend the drive it is worth it!The pie is a famous SLC pizza place up by the U of U, they have live music on the weekends, and make one killer pizza. Don't try this place if you are watching calories, they do not skimp on the cheese! Order the thin crust, its awesome, similar to a NY pizza!

4. Rock Creek Pizzaria- I had to add this one to the list even though I think it leaves much to be desired, but it is Jamie's favorite! They have a lunch buffet, with all you can eat pizza and salad bar, the salad bar was good, Jamie recommends the plain cheese pizza.

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