Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holly Jolly

What a Holly Jolly Christmas! I am glad it is over, because I need a nap. But I had to fill you in on the Happenings of this past week. On Sunday we celebrated "Little Christmas Eve" Which is the Swedish Christmas. It was held at our Dear Friends home who are also of Swedish decent.Food was devoured, Swedish traditions were celebrated, carols were sung( including a rendition of the devil went down to Georgia, which isn't a Christmas carol, but Jamie sang it all by himself! We even had a fiddle player too! It was pretty impressive.

I did not take pictures, but later in the evening Jamie brought Ryan to me with a bloody nose, he had fallen face first off a trampoline onto a cement floor, while his daddy had turned around for a second. It looked worse than it was, and luckily his nose is just fine! (I think his nose looks a little bit bigger, everyone tells me its my imagination!)

On Monday, My mom prepared a fabulous dinner of fillet Mignon and crab legs, we ate by candle light, and enjoyed each bite! After dinner we listened to my sister read the Story of Christs birth from the Bible, played some games, and Jamie and I headed home to put Ryan to bed and watch A Christmas Story.

Yesterday, we were excited to see Ryan open his gifts, and he was a fast learner, by the last present he had mastered present opening! We let him play with his toys, before we headed over to Grandmas.

We had brunch, opened gifts, all all headed out the door to see National Treasure. It was a great movie! The best part was Ryan fell asleep during the first 15 minutes, and we were able to watch the entire movie! Never has happened before!

Game to buy: Blockus, we played this game the rest of the day! Must Buy!
Dinner to have: Crab Legs
Favorite gift; Monogrammed pillow cases from my sister, an oi oi bag from Jamie
Best Moment:When Ryan started stuffing chocolate from his stocking in his mouth
Favorite Song: O holy night
Best chore: Wrapping gifts
Best treat: Chocolate covered Oreo's
Most mundane: Cleaning up the mess!(still need too!)

Thanks for sharing a memorable holiday with us! Much love and a Happy New Year!


Teresa said...

Oh ya, I've heard about your mom's tradition of crab legs and filet mignon...YUM! A Swedish Christmas Eve sounds really fun too. Merry Christmas!

Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I am so proud of you for posting so soon! Merry Christmas. We'll be home on Monday and we are excited to see you!!

Becca said...

I'm right there with you on Blokus. It is my new favorite addiction. My whole family loves it!