Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to life back to Reality... Back to English

My little Brother Zak just returned from his 2 year LDS Mission in GERMANY! {Someday I want to go to Germany he said it was gorgeous!}
This past weekend was Busy and FUN because we were able to meet him at the Airport and just hang out together. I love that!

The crazy part about your brother being gone for two years, leaving at age 19 {obnoxious age for boys} is that when he comes home, he is practically a MAN! Its wild... Zak is Hansome, Mature and Ryan adores him already. Today he stopped by our house for a remnant piece of carpet,{because we always have those lying around here} for his new adventures in the Sigma Chi House up in SLC. I know he will have so much fun,and work hard in school,I am proud of him for serving so diligently. You could just tell he was an great missionary!
{I know it must be so much harder for the parents, they were very excited to welcome him home}
Welcome home Zak!{PS: I love your European clothes they are stylin}


Lindsey said...

How FUN!! That is soo exciting for your family! You'll have to tell him hello for us!

Erickson Familytales said...

I am so sad I missed him homecoming I couldn't get out of teaching that day :( he looks so grown up its crazy 2 years have flown! SO FUN you and Cassie are having girls that's awesome I was so excited when Janice told me! We better be getting an invite for miss Cassie's shower I can't wait to see what you put on you fabulous hostess you!!! Ryan is getting so big , so darling! luvs!!