Monday, January 11, 2010

Itty Bitty Ball

Ryan just started Itty Bitty Basket Ball. {So if am honest,you all know I am.... it is quite funny to watch clumsy three year olds try and play basket ball. We are now in our second week, and I cant believe how much better he is doing... He loves it, and can now DRIBBLE! That is an accomplishment!}
Doesn't he look like a natural?
Ryan found out the first day that his friend Logan was on his team.. Here are the two slam dunkers...

I think this is just the beginning of many many many many many many many
years of sports watching and CHEERING GOOOOO RYAN!


Lindsey said...

how fun! he is getting so grown up!

BECKY said...

SOOOOOOOO cute! And on the flip side, the beginning of a lot of shopping and dolling up and primping is on its way!!

Melissa said...

so dang cute!