Thursday, January 21, 2010


I don't want to forget a few of the things Ryan has been saying and doing lately. So I am documenting.

1. After eating something good he Say's this is DELICIOUS! Its a big word and it makes us laugh!

2. While rubbing my tummy and telling me that there is a baby sister in there, he then says, "what a sweetie... "

3. He tells me he loves me at least 100 times a day, he will just walk up to me and say I wuv you mom... And at night he says "goodnight Mom" for half an hour, I have to respond each time or he will get out of bed to tell me..

4. He likes to brush his teeth, and is sure to tell me there are bugs in his mouth when they need brushing.

5. He likes things on his own terms, just like me! If I make a request he always tells me " just a minute.." Or "one more minute.."

6. At night he says prayers and he likes me to help him, but he always adds in his own things, like how he is thankful for Lily or our Neighbor Taegan. {his two girl friends} or the Helicopter that Jamie got for Christmas...

7. He sleeps in our room on the floor. He will not sleep in his room. We are hoping to help him sleep in his own room before the baby comes.. fingers crossed...

8. When he opens the door to Preschool he has to let everyone know he is there. He Say's "HELLO " in the loudest cutest voice. They always respond, and say how glad they are that he is there.He like's to make an entrance!

9. He has lots if great grandparent's and can distinguish between them, He really likes to talk to Great Grandma C , or "Grandma C" he calls her.

10. He likes to sing songs, and sometimes asks if he can sing to the baby, It's usually I am a child of God or Twinkle Twinkle little star.

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BECKY said...

Love that he prays for teh helicopter. :) Loved this post... what a sweet, sweet boy! Can't wait to see him and his baby sister together!