Monday, September 15, 2008

Best Summer Ever

We really have had a fun summer. We have taken the boat out almost every Saturday and sometimes a few days during the week. I have loved each minute of it, and all the family time that comes with it! Ryan has taken his naps under the drivers seat and swam and tubed and loved it! We took the boat out this Saturday despite the cold temperatures! Brrrr! But we had to have our last Hurrah before it gets stored for the winter. So, thanks Mom and Dad for making this one of the best Summers ever! We love you!

Ready get Set Launch!(Ryan and I)

Jeremy my brother (Cassi wake boarding in the background)
Mom and Ryan in the front

Captain Dad ( who has improved greatly on his driving skills)
Funny faced Ryan
Cassi and Mark
We drive across the lake and picnic in Saratoga Springs.. It is our favorite picnic place!

Sara and Patrick ( the engaged couple)

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Cami Kapp said...

Looks like you've had a great summer! Love the pumpkins, so easy and yet so classy looking!