Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial Day, Family Reunion

On Memorial Day we attended a family reunion for my Dad's side of the family. It was mostly my immediate family in attendance, we couldn't let an entire day go to waste could we? Next door to the park was a huge Pool and water slide, with sand volley ball and all that jazz...

Ryan going down the slide with Grammy~

By Himself!

And SPLASH! What an awesome Grandma!

Cassi and Brittany

Just keep swimming!

The Boys Jeremy, Mark and Jamie
Blowing Bubbles, is fun too!
Scooter Riding! {in his unders no-less}
On our way home I spotted an old railway station, Ryan loves trains so I suggested we stop and check it out!

My boys climbed all over the cars, and explored the railroad..
It turned out to be a really fun day!
{PS there are no pictures of me, because only two were taken and they were horrible sorry, really horrible}


BECKY said...

Love the picture of Ryan on the train tracks! I want to go play on a train! You also got some really fun pics of him coming down the slide!

Blondie said...

You're Mom is a good sport! Cute pics of Ryan, he seems so old in these pics, crazy.