Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Grocery Store Adventure

So do any other Moms out there wonder why they have to have kid sized grocery carts? Or the Carts that have a car in front? I am assuming that you have experienced similar situations. Your child wants to ride in the car, but two minutes into the ride, they want out, and now you have to maneuver the HUGE cart through the grocery store,until your child finds an abandoned "kid sized cart" and goes running rapid through the store until he runs right into someone. You cant keep up with your child, because you are driving a bus of a cart yourself.

Sometimes you just need one thing in the store, and you just need to Hurry and make it quick. As soon as your child sees the carts its all over right? They will scream until you leave the store or give in, and you want to pull your hair out too! I cant imagine what it is like for those of you going to the store with three kids!{someday I hope to experience that}

A couple of days ago, It was time to go back to the store, we needed milk, eggs, you know the important stuff... The difference was, I was in no rush, I was relaxed and had plenty of time to kill. So when Ryan ran straight for the kids sized cart I smiled, and gave him the OK and off we went. I told him what to put in the cart, he was a champ and he was so happy to help... It was bittersweet, he didn't run around with the cart, he stayed by my side loading in only what I told him. He was immensely proud of himself... He is growing up so fast...

The only indication that he is Three years old was that he wanted a sticker for being good in line, at Smiths they will give your child a sticker as you check out. He always wants that sticker!

After we paid for the grocery's we headed out the side when Ryan proceeded to load every single grocery into our car and took the cart back to the store empty. He was full of pride, and I just watched him with a Big smile.

I love Motherhood, but sometimes you forget the rewards, this was one of those times when I knew what I was doing was important. I was enjoying the moment, and all of a sudden that was all that mattered. Did I clean the house when I got home? Nope... Did it need it? YES! Instead we went on a walk and had Popsicles.They grow up so fast, there is plenty of time for cleaning later! Besides he deserves it don't you think?


Missy said...

You are such a fantastic mom!

BECKY said...

CUTEST POST EVER!!! What a little man! Loved this! Rock on Mom!