Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Turning 3 For Posterity of Course!

Ryan likes: Grapes, Airplanes, Choo Choos, The Little Einsteins, The Color Red, The number 8, The letter S, Stickers, Pop Pops{Popsicles}, Giraffes, Babies, Putting his own shoes on mostly on the wrong feet, JUICE, Showers not Baths, Grammy and her Pool, Bubbles, His Scooter, and Band aids.

Ryan Dislikes: Plain Milk {Chocolate Milk only}, Boo Boos, Getting his Teeth Brushed and hair washed, Bears I don't know why but he is afraid of them, Sharing :), Watermelon.

Ryan Says:
Tbee- TV
Maamaa- Grandma
Boot- Boat
Wadee- Water
Haw Hee- Stars {strange I know}
NOW- Shouting after a request....{ we need to kick that one}
Teese- Cheese
MaLoon- Balloon
Teet- eat
ewe hose me- You Hold Me

A Look Back at The past Three Years


BECKY said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVED the pics through the years! I didn't know he was in NICU; I bet that was a bit stressful for you... how long was he there for? Did you have a c-section? I love the long hair look where you (I assume) are holding him at the same level. Ha! And I can't believe how much he's looked like him since the beginning!

Blonde said...

The most adorable nephew in the world, right from day one! He's always known how to take a great pic.