Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Ryan's Second Birthday Theme was "A Bouncy Party", Lot's of Balls, Circles, and Round Balloons! I loved all the bright colors and especially decorating the Cup Cakes!

Kazoos, Gum Balls , M&M's and Bouncy Balls....

Magnolia Vanilla Cupcakes, and Banana Cake with Chocolate Butter cream.
I love the Round 2 Foot Balloons! So Festive!


Mary said...

What a fun party! I was so sad that i was out of town and could not come! It looks like it was a ton of fun. I love that idea of a bouncy party! I will have to remember that for Jack's 2nd bday!

Mary said...

Jacks birthday is coming up and I think I want to copy your idea of a bouncy party. Did you get your ideas from a website? Share with me your ideas and what you did! You are so creative. Thanks