Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chagrin Falls Cleveland Part 3

When I Nannied for the Finkenthals, I would always take them to Chagrin Falls. It is a quaint little town with a couple of waterfalls that come off of a large pond. There are fun little shops, restaurants and a lovely park,with lots of Ducks. At least once a week I would try to take the kids to Have lunch and feed the Ducks. Shannon and Molly wanted to go there, and so one afternoon we headed out to our favorite place. It looked pretty much the same. When I would take the kids, we would stop in Einsteins Bagels and get four Bagels and a large bowl of soup. We all would dip our Bagels in the soup and then feed the Ducks the leftovers. It was our ritual, and the kids loved it. Here is a glimpse of our afternoon at Chagrin Falls. We fed the Ducks and went to get Ice cream at the Old Popcorn Shop. The Twins cousin Brett came with us.

Girls, I hope we do this again next year! I love you both!

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