Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Updated Finally

I have three weeks of catch up posted, There are so many pictures I took up two pages. I will try and keep on top of my Blog From now on. It's finally Summer and I am so excited my windows are open, we have had two BB Q's this last weekend and lots if fun things ahead.

Tomorrow nights dinner group is sharing Marinade RECIPES and Grilling Techniques. I have some things to go get ready!

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Becca said...

It looks like the last three weeks have been a blast. I love 2 year olds--especially when they are your only child. The party looked like so much fun and I am so impressed with how great everything looked. (Of course, I would expect nothing less.) I really am so impressed with you and what a cute mom you are--Ryan is a doll and I can tell that you are absolutely in love with him! Now that summer's here (and I hopefully have a bit more free time) I think we really should try to plan that party we've been talking about. Let's talk next week.