Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bar Mitzvah

I went to Cleveland to attend the Bar Mitzvah of Jake Finkenthal. I had the pleasure of being Jakes Nanny when he was a little boy. I lived in Cleveland with the Finkenthals and fell in love with their three sweet kids, Jake and the Twins Shannon and Molly. They have grown into the most beautiful kids, and it was so much fun to see them all grown up. Don't they look so beautiful?Molly* Jake* ShannonAnd silly too!

Here they are with a few of their cousins.

The Bar Mitzvah was so beautiful, Jake was incredible as he read in Hebrew. He was charming and the service really touched me. I loved the beautiful words spoken. You did a Fantastic Job Jake! After the service, a few of us went to Yours Truly, one of my Favorite Cleveland Restraunts. If you are ever in Cleveland I recomend stopping in there.

Later that evening, they had a Huge Celebration Party, There was a Mechanical Bull, Monkeys ,Hand Writing Anyalisis, A lovely dinner, a Dj and Hundreds of people.

I was too busy having fun at the party to take pictures.

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