Friday, May 9, 2008

Week Update

Happy Cinco De Miyo! We celebrated by heading to a Utah Valley Favorite, Los Hermanos. We enjoyed sitting in the garden room and eating delicious Mexican Food. Jamie had the Halibut with grilled Mexican style veggies. It was really tasty I highly recommend. We walked around center street after dinner, there were so many fragrant trees in bloom, it smelled so good! There were a few huge puddles, Ryan jumped in them, and splashed around, I didn't mind I had extra shorts in the car, he was soaked!I have been working on a design project this week, that I can't wait to post the pictures! It is going to be beautiful, fun, and refreshing! Stay Tuned!

On Thursday I decided to make it Ryan's Day. I met up with my friend Amanda at Thanksgiving Point Gardens, our Boys just played and splashed in the fountains, fed the fish, and we enjoyed the beauty around us. The Tulips were in full bloom, much more then my last trip there. There were so many hot pink Tulips, and I think they are my new favorite. They were so beautiful. We had lunch at the deli and left in time for afternoon naps.
Tomorrow I head to The Gateway early in the morning for The Breast Cancer 5k. I am meeting my sister Cassi, I might bring Ryan and a jogger stroller. I am excited to be part of a good cause. Plus lots of fun people watching.

Mothers day has crept up on me. I know what the menu is. {I will post later} And I found some beautiful flower Baskets at Thanksgiving Point I want to pick up for my Mom. I am looking forward to A beautiful spring day, dinner with the family and reflecting on the gift of Motherhood.

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Tonya Adams said...

How fun! Jake really enjoyed golfing with Jamie btw. Jake needs to teach Luke, that's so cute that Jamie's teaching Ryan. We'll all have to get together sometime. :)