Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trip To Cleveland Part 1

Cleveland was such a great trip. I stayed with my friend Jana Kirk. She is a friend from college and we were also Nannies together in Ohio. She and her husband were so kind to let me stay at their apartment. I was always coming and going and they were such great hosts. The first day a friend of Jana and I, Stephanie Drove up from Columbus to spend the day with us. We met for a yummy lunch and went and got Manis and Pedis It was so fun to catch up and relax! Jana, Emily and Stephanie
Avery and Jana, Stephanie and James

It was so much fun seeing these girls, and I just love them. I can;t wait until next year!

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Ariana said...

What the heck....I swear I have met the Stephanie person in your picture. You went to Cleveland, right?? Oh my goodness. Can you do me the dumbest favor and ask her (if you have her email) if she knows where on earth Andrea Armstrong (Shell) is?? Andrea was one of my roommies at BYU and Stephanie was her best friend from Cleveland, where she was from. I swear that's her. Who could forget the hair and smile? :) Small world, yeah?