Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Race for the Cure

My sister Cassi and I participated in the Race for the cure three weeks ago. It was a wonderful experience, as we walked with survivor's and families of those have lost their loved ones to Breast Cancer. There were so many people there, and my heart was touched. I love being part of a good cause. It is so Inspiring to be surrounded by thousands of people doing the same thing. I decided to take Ryan and even though I woke him up in the wee hours of the morning, he loved the excitement and cheered during the entire first mile. "He kept clapping and cheering Yay, wheee, Yay!!!..."
I loved the saying on this shirt and for me it summed up my feelings of being a part of the race. Below you can see just how many people ran this race, If you look straight ahead you see runners as far as the eye can see!
Thanks Cass, We loved doing this with you!

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