Saturday, March 8, 2008

Turquoise Interior Design

This office is so fabulous! I love the entire concept, now if I can just do something similar. I really like the idea of "vintage refurbished". We recently bought a vintage table with really nice lines, we sanded it, and now for the paint and lacquer , hmmmm. Trying to keep myself tapped into the design realm has made me want to do something with my design degree. I think I will circle my resume around a bit. Maybe someone will be interested in some help every once in a while. Does anyone else have a hard time deciding what to do for work? I would love to plan Parties and Weddings,focus on Interior Design,or Wedding Cake Decorating{check out my blurb on April Reed you'll see what I mean}, Own a gourmet sandwich and dessert shop, go to culinary school {pastry}, and Run a Nanny Agency... The choices seem endless... Oh and most Importantly still spend most of my time with Ryan.

Then drop dead from exhaustion right? Oh the things we can do!

The Chick Office

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