Monday, March 24, 2008

Week Update

  • I loved my blue chocolate eggs, my hands were blue for two days :)
  • We watched August Rush this week at Dinner Group. Thanks to all who attended! I think fun was had by all.{A romantic movie, not realistic but very magical!

If you have not watched this movie yet, I give it 4 stars! I loved the music and want to buy the soundtrack. It was so Inspiring!

  • Ryan saw his Easter Basket and grabbed his smarties and ran, I think he thought we might take them away. He loved his breakfast of pure sugar!
  • Jamie has been converted to Turkey burgers! Good for me!
  • I love family dinners, we had an Easter egg hunt, had some yummy food, we enjoyed my dads new massage chair( I might make more visits to my parents home, 15 minutes in that chair is fifteen minutes of heaven!)
  • I had to try my Carrot Cake that I made for Easter, the orange zest in the frosting was just the right kick!

A low key week ahead! At least so far, it will be nice after a packed weekend!


Teresa said...

Jake and I watched that movie last week when he was home from school with strep throat. We loved it too! We watched Dan Real Life on Saturday. Cute movie and great acoustic guitar soundtrack.

Emily said...

Loved Dan in real life we watched it on Sat night! Real life, comedic, great flick!