Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am soooo excited!

Utah Has a Whole Foods! I have missed Virginia so much, mainly the Grocery Store Whole Foods. If you frequent one in your State then you know what I mean, but if you don't, Whole Foods, is a fresh and organic, grocery store. (Not to mention celebrities shop there too) I love the produce section and the deli/ take out, they have the most amazing wraps and sandwiches, and soups and they are healthy and organic. When I worked for Ethan Allen at Tyson's Corner I used to pick up lunch at Whole Foods a few times a week.

Utah has 2 Whole Foods right now, one in Park City, and the Other on 4th south. Both locations used to be Wild Oats Locations. The Sandy Wild Oats is in the middle of converting and I am really excited. So make sure to find the closest one to you and go there. I promise you will love it!
To find the Utah Locations click here, or for the web page click here!
Happy Grocery Shopping!

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Ariana said...

I miss New Seasons in was like Whole Foods but much more locally minded. It will be fun to have another choice here in Utah though! I like Good Earth but they are sooooo tiny. Now we need Trader Joe's!