Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mother May I?

I almost forgot to post today, I had made a list of things to do, like scrubbing baseboards, washing appliances, Laundry(always never ending), Dusting (fans and under furniture) It is so nice to be mostly dust free! Ryan slept in this morning, and I decided to enjoy a nice long bath. I pulled out a Real Simple Magazine from last year. I read a really entertaining article and thought I would sum it up for you.

"Advice is one of those things that is far more blessed to give than to receive"

Carolyn Wells

Are moms fashion rules made to be broken? A panel of Experts answers:

1. Wear socks that match your pants:

Not anymore! Try Argyle socks with grey pants, or hey we all do it now NO SOCKS! Hosiery is good too!

2. When you have a choice between Pants or a skirt, carefully weigh your options.....choose a skirt!

Truer than ever! With the metro sexual world we live in , it might be the only thing that sets you apart from the guys is the power to put on a skirt. It's much easier to find a flattering skirt than pants. Either way, make sure whatever you put on makes you feel confident!

3. Never buy something on sale you wouldn't buy at full price.

Yes so true, there is sometimes a reason the items are still sitting there!

4. Always wear a slip!

NEVER !!!! Sorry Mom! It adds bulk, it adds folds, and tacky if it shows! A little leg silhouette is OK, we all have legs right?

5. Brown shoes wear a brown belt, Black shoes a Black Belt.

Might be antiquated but it works! It will never fail you, but with so many fun patterns and fabrics, you can mix it up! Also mix up with shades of the same color family, like cognac colored heels, with a cappucchino colored belt.

6. Wearing all Black should be reserved for funerals.

If that's the case then the women in New York are in trouble! Its a classy look, however be careful of the shapes as you are creating a silhouette.

7. Its better to be over dressed than under dressed.

No one has ever been asked to leave a party because they are over dressed. You can always peel down if over dressed. If you are not sure how dressy an event is, wear the outfit you think you look best in.

8. People can tell allot about you by the shoes you are wearing. ( I need to work on this one)

Scuffed shoes or chewed up heels, says you don't care very much about life's overall details. Shoes are a symbolic accessory.

9. When you don't have time for a shower, a ponytail and pearls are the next best thing.

Yes to the pony tail but scratch the pearls, unless they are a really long strand that makes a statement!

There are a few more! Check out the Real Simple Web Site! It is a great Magazine!


Teresa said...

That was fun! I love the one about shoes. I always look at people's shoes, they say a lot about a person.
And I love that we don't always have to wear a slip. Some days I just don't need another layer!

Teresa said...
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Blondie said...

Love the advice chica!!

Lane, Amanda, and Jackson said...

That was really cute. I kind of disagree about the slip. Many people don't wear one when they really should. I would rather have an extra layer than be able to see unders!! Thanks for all the advice. It was fun!!

Emily said...


I agree if the item is completly see through, but if possible I try to but skirts that are lined!