Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged by three...

So I have been tagged by quite a few of you and {sorry}have not answered yet. I didn't want to bore you all with things you might already know about me. But this tag from my friend Jessica, might be interesting!

What were you doing 10 years ago? 1998- I was a sophomore in College. I lived with three other girls in an off campus apartment. {Sadie was my roommate} Life was really fun, filled with parties, and dances, and school activities. I wasn't very studious at the time, and had my share of fun. I was really into Martha Stewart and remember trying to learn as much as I could about decorating. I also remember living off of Hot Tamales(so healthy) A few of my best friends{Aimee and Megan} were married that year, and I remember thinking they were so young! We were. We dressed up for everything, and I remember a few really good costumes, especially the ones for our Aretha Franklin Lip sing! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

I was also friends with, Diana, Amber, Becca, and Sara!

Five things on my to-do list?

1.Go to the gym
2.Make Banana Bread (brown bananas)
3.Send off a Baby Package to Jamie's Sister( she just had a baby)
4.Take Ryan to the park
5.Watch Idol and Make Dinner
6.Make Dentist App for all three of us(new insurance)

6 snacks I enjoy:{Normally}

1.Crudites and Dip
2.Strawberries {really any berry}
3.Cheese and Crackers {Havarti and Munster}
4.Oatmeal cookies from Immigration Market {you need to try them}
5.Honey Nut Cheerios with sliced banana and Milk
6.Pita Chips with anything!
7. I had to add a seventh: chocolate covered raisins!

3 bad Habits:

1.I bite my nails-always have and wish I could stop. When I lived in DC I did stop, but I got a manicure every 10 days.

2.No matter how hard I try, I am usually late at least by five minutes! Unless I am running the event or hosting it!

3.I use tons of paper towels. I should be more conservative, but I clean everything with them. I despise dirty dish towels! So I use a roll of paper towels every two days!

If I were suddenly a Billionaire I would: Share with those I love, donate to the church, charity, maybe start and orphanage in a third world country. Build a house, gosh I guess do whatever I wanted, help out people as I see fit, give most of it away, because who needs that much money? I could live off 10 million right? :)

5 places Ive lived:

1. Beverly Hills California
2. Frazier Park California
3.Salt Lake City Utah
4.Cleveland Ohio
5,Alexandria Virginia

5 jobs Ive had

1. Mortgage Company
2. Nanny
3. Nordstroms
4. Ethan Allen Interiors
5. Flooring Rep

5 things people don't know about me:

1. I use lots of lip gloss!
2. I love watching golf and the world poker tour... {Jamie got me into it}
3. I sleep with my hands on my belly {I'm having a hard time thinking of things}
4. I hate strong peppermints or gum, I prefer light fruity flavors!
5. If I drop a penny, I usually wont pick it up {let someone else feel lucky}

I Tag You!

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