Saturday, March 1, 2008

Family Update

This past week, has been keeping a nice pace. Here are a few highlights:

  • Ryan had been talking and talking, we don't really know what he is saying( it sounds foreign)!

  • A wife who is on a diet is not much fun, and she doesn't cook much, unless its plain and boring! Good thing there is take out, frozen pizzas, and sandwich fixings!

  • We love the mall, we met up with some friends on Thurs night, I found Ryan the perfect swim trunks! Now if the weather would just warm up!

  • Jamie can really run....He has been in a basketball tournament, he tells me he can't , but I saw for myself that he can! They won the game too! Ryan enjoyed all the cheering!

  • I love fresh strawberries and blackberries with a little lemon juice and splenda! It really is refreshing! Healthy too!

  • Dinner parties are so fun, Last Friday we had a lovely time at a dinner party. The host was gracious and the food fabulous!

  • Ryan loves Disney movies, I am so glad I have a car with a drop down screen.

  • I made Ryan a book on, it came in the mail this week and turned out great! It has pictures of him from the last year, and you can add text! Mine is covered in a chocolate brown linen. They love to look at themselves, and in a hard cover book even better!

  • I love cuddling in bed in the morning with my boys, today we stayed in bed for an hour, playing games and watching Disney!

  • We had two nice weather days this week, so we went outside to play, we are fortunate to live on a street with lots of kids and Ryan was introduced to a bike! He loved it! A bike for his 2nd Birthday might just be the perfect present!

  • American Idol- was much better this week. last week I was almost tempted to stop watching, it was awful!

  • I am trying to book a flight to Cleveland in May, the prices are so high! I hope they go down soon! I will be attending a Bar Mitsvah! And visiting all of my friends and sites!

Tonight we will be taking Ryan to The Aquarium, he loves fish, I am excited to see his little face! Have a nice weekend!


Diana said...

Hi Emily, Just wanted to say hi! I've been visiting friends' blogspots! I need to start one to keep in touch! Sounds like life is great for you! Diana

Blondie said...

I love the pic, that explains the diet thing all together! You blog so much more than me, but now I'm caught up w/ you! Take care Spunky Girl!