Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

We have some fun plans today, like cleaning behind my kitchen side board. Maybe I will get lucky and find something I have been looking for. We are having an Irish Dinner at my sisters house later this evening.

Our menu consists of :

Apple Beer YUM {looks like beer tastes like sparkling apple juice}

Asparagus Roll Ups

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Irish Soda Bread

Mint Ice Cream Pie with Hot Fudge and Whipped Irish Cream

After seeing the four leaf clover cupcakes on Martha Stewart this morning, I remembered St Patricks day as a child. I am sure most of you remember wearing green to school. And that one year you forgot and people pinched you all day long untill you put on a green sticker from your teacher that saved you from endless pinching :). I remember my grandmas backyard in California, where I spent hours upon hours looking for that "one" four leaf clover. For some reason I do remember finding one, although that might be just a glitch in my imagination. I was so determined to find one and every year and I used to rally my sisters into looking with me. I hope all of you have a LUCKY day! Hopefully you helped your school age children out this morning and made sure they were wearing something green {ouch!}


Ariana said...

You could do a trifle for dessert....kind of English, but I am sure they eat them in Ireland too.

Emily said...

They do I looked online and saw a few recipes from Ireland for trifles but they all call for alcohol. I am thinking an Oreo mint pie-not Irish-but Green!

Missy said...

You gotta love Martha!
I've never been big into Saint Patrick's day, but I thought I'd tell Hannah about it today and get her to wear something green. She didn't want to. I told her that she might get pinched. She told me, "Mom I don't have to wear green cause I have green eyes!" Figured that one out all on her own. Smarty pants!
We should for sure get together this summer. I think we may be moving back to Salt Lake. Justin is graduating (BFA in Graphic Design)in April and thinks he'll look for a job there.