Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Friday

TGIF remember saying that during the 90's? I remember getting so excited to watch "Full House" every Friday night, and planning sleepovers complete with toilet papering someones house and eating jawbreakers and now and laters. {great memories} Tonight we have an auction to go to for our church. I will be busy today boiling 8lbs of pasta and making these cupcakes! Billy's famous Vanilla Vanilla! I love the smell of good vanilla, don't you?

I have been up since 5:30 am and two days straight have been going to the gym early early. I thought it would be harder then it has been to get up in the dark and work out. I really love these early morning work outs, my mind is clear and when I get home I have so much energy and everyone else is still asleep. This morning I had so much fun looking at Badgley Mischka's Spring line of wedding gowns online {Gorgeous}. I made some old fashioned oatmeal and enjoyed my new found quiet time! {I forgot to mention that I pick up a few friends in my neighborhood to join me! If you think you might have a hard time waking up, just offer to pick people up, knowing they are counting on you makes for good motivation!

Have a good weekend!


Tonya Adams said...

5:30?? Girl that is motivation! Way to go! I can't get up before 8, not even kidding. I wish I was a morning person. Good for you! I really need to get in the habit of working out again, you just feel so much better.

Jessica & K.C. said...

Good job!! I don't have the will power to bake like that and not eat it, so....I only bake at someone else's house!! Good will power girly!