Monday, March 24, 2008

Just Fruity

Last Summer I hosted a jewelry party. I ordered an edible arrangement. It was beautiful and the fruit was really fresh. I have wanted to post this for a while, and I recommend doing this for your next party! It makes for some great spring colors!


Becca said...

Em-I love Easter--HATE the bunny! Cute fruit!

Ariana said...

Edible Arrangements is a cool business! It was started by a guy in Oregon, and their first store was just down the road from our place in Beaverton, OR. They do such beautiful stuff!! It's cool to see them doing well and expanding.

Ariana said...

Ok just kidding. I looked at the About Us section of their website and it was not started in Oregon. Pooey. I guess that one by our house was the first store in Oregon...they didn't exactly portray it that way on the local news. weird! :) Still delicious and beautiful all the same.