Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Orange Tulips and a Good Friend

While running errands today, I came across the prettiest bunches of Tulips, usually I would buy yellow, pink or white. Today I bought bright orange with a little yellow just for my friend Teresa! She loves orange tulips!

So today I dedicate this post to her. Teresa is talented in so many ways. She has great style and always looks put together. She has a great eye for Interior Design, and has a beautiful home. Her home is comfortable, clean, stylish and very interesting. You would love to be invited to her house for dinner, she can really cook, and everything is seasonal and flavorful. Teresa is so smart and gives great sound advice, she is sensible and classy. If you need a job done, you should ask Teresa because she does things on time, and with flair. Teresa can sew and often has fun projects she is working on. Right now she has been sewing really cute totes! {You can see them on her Blog}. She has a great sense of humor and a strong testimony. She is a mother of three boys, and I wonder how she keeps her house so clean. She always has pretty flowers in her yard, and during the warm months you will find her in the yard often. She is a great hostess and a great friend! I sure miss her! If she lived closer I would bring her the Tulips I bought today! Have a good day Treece!

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Teresa said...

I didn't know you had another friend named Teresa who likes orange tulips. She sounds great! Seriously, Em, those were some of the sweetest things anyone has ever said. Thank you so much. Right back at ya! I'll call you tomorrow!