Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lemon Decadence

So if you haven't already caught on, Yellow is so in right now! I know why I always love to post pictures of Beautifully crafted desserts! They are so pretty. You can make a meal look appetizing or savory, but nothing beats the presentation of desserts! These Yellow Lemon series from none other then MS are so beautiful and seem so fresh and (lemony) is that a word?

All the recipes and more are found here!

{photos courtesy of MSL}


Ariana said...

Drooling on the keys here... thanks a lot. ;-) hahaha

I am a total sucker for lemon or lime desserts...I LOVE the America's Test Kitchen Key Lime Bars. They are on my blog somewhere (the recipe at least). Sometimes I make them with lemon instead. Not lately though...trying to just look at desserts and not eat them. :)

Teresa said...

What are doing to me EM!!!!!