Monday, March 24, 2008

Fresh Decorating Ideas

Now that the weather is turning, I am getting excited to work on a few projects we have put on hold. Our Vintage Kitchen Table that we found a few months ago is sanded and awaiting paint. I have not decided what color quite yet. I am looking for inspiration. We are also refinishing a coffee table and I have three frames to paint or decoupage. I love spring projects!

Here are a few fun ideas to brighten up you space:
Paint- paint can be so much fun from painting chalkboard paint of different shades pictures below to painting a case good piece that you love.

I love this calendar below{I wouldn't like the chalk dust, but I love the idea}

Or what about painting a screen like this with some pretty pastels. You just need five sheets of wood the same size, sanded, paint and install your hardware!
I love it when you open your hand bad or a great jacket and the lining is made of really chick fabric. How about applying that concept to your home, by wallpapering closets and small rooms. What a fun peek a boo surprise!

Here carpet squares were used to make a great pin board. I love the colors and your local carpet store may have some of these just laying around. It would be inexpensive to order too!

{All pictures are from Martha Stewart Living}
Some other ideas: Painting your floor, painting lamps or lamp shades.


Tonya Adams said...

Wow, great blog. I had fun sitting here reading it and looking at all of your ideas. Keep it going...

Teresa said...

I'm already feeling very disconnected from this house and have little desire to do "projects", but I may file away the wallpaper in a closet idea for my next house.:)