Sunday, January 27, 2008

What are you afraid of?

This is a real picture! Great White Shark! I am a little creeped out!

  1. Sharks, Jaws did not help, neither did open water, sea world or the Discovery Channel. I love the ocean, but try not to think about Sharks!

  2. Dark (I know silly but I prefer a light on). I make Jamie leave lights on for me. Once I am safely in bed the lights can go out!

  3. Scary Movies or documentaries. Really anything spooky makes me uneasy, I have a very vivid imagination!

  4. Getting a Kidney Stone, I have had them before and they are more painful then having Ryan! Once in was in New York with my mom, I thought I felt one coming on and I burst into tears. Luckily it was a False Alarm.
  5. Spiders, I am afraid of black widows, and sometimes wonder when I go into the garage if there is one in there. Then I quickly get out! On my mission in California, we were teaching a woman who lived alone. One day we had an appointment with her. When she answered the door I almost screamed out loud. Her entire forehead was sticking out about 4 inches. It was oozing and disgusting. She had been bitten by a black widow in her sleep. I am itching and squirming right now! True Story!

  6. Being a passenger in any car. I have a little bit of anxiety (Jamie might say a lot) when other people are driving. Another mission story, I was companions with girl who drove so badly I feared for my life every day! I have not been the same since. I am a nervous back seat driver and tend to grip the handles until my knuckles turn white.

And now I am curious, what are you afraid of?

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